Facebook Mentality.

Facebook mentality is that once your friend with a person, your automatically friends with their friends. Okay. Thats just bollocks man. I mean yeah, you wanna make friends but instead of introducing yourself you pretend I know you and just troll my pictures. Get a fucking life.

See, I only add people I know/have seen before/know their first name/we went out together/your my second-uncle's-first-son's-brother-in-law. Or people that I have a common interest with, like paintballers. What I DONT do is add someone I don't know who has NOTHING in common with me and then don't talk to that person.

The most fucking annoying thing is when they add you and be done with it just cause your a "friend of friend". Honestly, if you have no intention of being my friend. Just GTFO la.

And another annoying this is when a person says hi, just as your about to say something that person goes offline. -_-