Updates. (Finally)

Ugh. My neck fucking hurts from the headbanging yesterday. lol

Anyway, updates!

Tuesday 15th December. Ice Skating @ Sunway Pyramid w/ Disney Hoopla Gang

I went out with the Disney gang! Though just a few all of them it was awesomeness! We went to Sunway for ice skating. And and I bought my first pair of Converses! ♥ The colour is super cute. Maybe cause I just love contrasting colours. Its Red btw. Yeah. I bought the Red pairs. There was also the pink and baby blue ones. Maybe next time?

Anyway, I think ice skating was really fun. The guys we're skating like pros! Hell, I was amazed. But it was really funny cause like. When the ice was wet. Funny things happened. Like how Ju and I were following Brandon and he fell and slid on the ice. Julian remarked "We're supposed to follow you but I'm not gonna fall!" And then there was The Fall. Yes. The Fall of the Day Award goes to Julian Carlos who lost balance and proceeded to fly into the wall only to fall on the ice shortly after. Truly Epic.

Great day with the gang! Had a great time! Though I didn't follow them back. I made a detour just to see her and I hope shes happy! :P

Thursday. 17th Dec. Avatar Movie Outing @ Pavilion w/ NexGen Homies!

Calling my friends insane is just an understatement. They're like super awesome to hang out with. We can make a small thing like fish into something to laugh about *cough*jeremy*cough*. Just give us food and we can talk for ages! Like how AAR sucks and Pasar Boy rocks! And how Pasar Boy will throw free noodles for the crowd. Woot.

Jeremy's Fish!

I'm at lost for words.

As usual. Victor being himself. (:
Love the lighting in this scene. Looks like a movie poster.

Our beloved CJ. I like this pic though.

Anyway, we went to watch Avatar. Which was Epic. The CGI was awesome! *Sabrina Hoong still hasn't watch it yet* And we came out of the cinema trying to fly. Turoks! JuYi was all hyped with the I-can-sense-your-feelings thing. Oh did I mention her hair was great?

Though after lunch we did split up. Went to Sungei Wang. Then Time Square. Had milkshakes at Wendy's and chilled at Krispe Krime. And camwhored. When I say it. I mean it. I didnt even get a chance to hold my cam. (:

someone was shy :P

Bang! Bang!

That sick, twisted look in my eyes.

I love this picture of Arthur.

Only you guys can do this

I love my red Converse!
Yes. We voted for FHM

Love this one too!

I like this one.

Stoning as usual

Let the pictures do the talking!
♥ You guys!