I miss you guys so much!

Yeah. Its been almost a week of not hearing Playhouse Disney songs and to be honest, I might actually tune in to the channel and listen to it from there. Okay, not really.

Anyway, as everyone knows I've already stopped working. Those 2 weeks of working has awesomeness all over it. The money's not even as important as the experience you gain. The friends you make and also just the memories together.

I mean. Theres a saying that if you enjoy working, then it isn't called work. (:

Oh did I mention how my colleagues were. Yeah. They're an awesome bunch of nutjobs to work with. And to hang out with. AND to dance with.

Talking about dancing. Yeah. We did dance. We had to dance. It was retarded. But nonetheless fun! I can't do mornings. I don't know why, but I'm SO NOT a morning person.

Did I mention about how adorable the kids were. Some kids we're really intelligent for their age. And super cute! And some of them got real talent. I remember there was this few little kids that I had a conversation with. They were afraid of Julian for some reason.

There was also this instance where the kids came in only to trip and fall and mess up my puzzles, laugh and fix it all back. Epic. And also I made a kid call Julian mamak because he reminded me of one of those ppl from BRJ( mamak next to Tbun at Wangsa Maju.) HAHAH.

Anyway, the last night of the job was fun cause we got to see how they tore down the entire place. It was awesome. Min En, Jon, some others and I we're basically hauling the stocks and stuff everywhere. We we're like those cavemen. Without the fur made loin clothes.

Alast all great things must come to and end. So it was time to end the job. But we we're gonna see each other the next day for paycheck day. (: woo. But before that. We proceeded to have loads of pictures. (:

Paycheck day was even more fun. Could you imagine what happens when you have everyone in one small little hotel room? Chaos ensures.

(ignore the last picture. Failed attempt of imitating Goofy.)

No, its not your eyes playing tricks. We ARE this crazy. (:

Well, the whole working experience was fun really. And even though our last day together was in a hotel lobby. We'll still keep in touch! Ahh, modern technology. (: