Playhouse *clap clap* Disney

Being far far far away from the speakers has its benefits. I don't get blasted by Playhouse Disney songs so much now! (:

Did I mention how awesome the job is? I mean. It doesn't even feel like a job. It feels fun. But I must admit I'm kinda feeling the fatigue. But hey, I bet everyone is feeling tired. Thankfully I have a day off tomorrow to catch up on my sleep.

Guess what. I actually thought I gained weight after eating like a pig but instead I lost weight. I'm not 57.9kg. Which is considered healthy. I guess. Given my height *sniff* So I pampered myself.. with sweets!

Anyway, lets talk about work shall we?

Colleagues. Are awesome. No, seriously. I never thought they would be so fun to be with. Its really funny la. Like how Kevin and Shanny was playing Pokemon and Kev gave that "wtf" face. It was epic. Though we did get screwed from boss la. haha

And when I bet Jon that if he managed stuffing half a Big Mac under 10 seconds I'll get him ice cream. He tried. His face was priceless! IMMD. I owe him ice cream now.

And when everyone was bullying Judson by hiding his scooter and stealing his flag. IMMD too.

There was alot more really! It was really fun! There was also the time I was in the TT mascot covering for Nahrend who was sick. Jon had 3 batteries. He said "Choose your destiny" or something dramatic like that. Hahah I failed. Chose the wrong battery. Ended up playing Twister with myself trying to keep the mascot upright. But it was bloody funny la.

Jon made a good mascot (:

And dinner is always fun when you have crazy ppl to hang with. Like Suki and Schanny. rofl.

Hanging out at the backroom during our breaks and sharing jawbreakers are awesome too!

I guess working is good cause like I'm actually earning my own money to get my own stuff. My mum did give me shopping money but I feel guilty. So at least I can compensate for it. I don't wanna get all whiney and demand for money when I dont have enough.

AND ITS NOT EASY TO EARN MONEY OKAY. It takes alot of hardwork. And time. I will never take time for granted ever! I mean. My schedule is like

8.10am - Wake up
8.25am - Leave for work
9.00am - Work start
11.00pm - Work finishes
12.00am - Reach home and sleep

I have almost no time for anything besides that. Thank goodness my friends are there for me. And I honestly miss alot of ppl. I feel so Ex-melawatian already. ):

Anyway, work is gonna be over this week. 2 weeks went pass so quickly. It felt so fast. It was like we just met and got to know each other but now its coming to an end. All that was done would just be another chapter of our lives. Memories that would be treasured. I hope.

Besides that. I love the way some of the kids just smiles and laughs. I mean. The feeling when the kids smiles sincerely when you smile at them asking if they had fun. But I had my fair share of not so nice ones too. But hey! Thats all part of the job anyway!