Oh sigh.

I stood outside with the bright yellow street lights blinding me. Was kinda drizzling. I stared into the dark driveway that was my house. Walked in slowly.

As I open the door, I was greeted by dark lights and the only thing that was lit was a white Christmas tree. No more brothers screaming the shit outta each other. Mum watching her Chinese drama. Dad walking around in his boxers.

I felt.. Emptiness. The feeling of doing things myself. Being independent. I dont want to anymore. I miss everyone.

I called out to my mum. She asked me what time was work tmrw. I told her and she told me that she was really tired and went to sleep.

I don't know but I just kinda, feel that I should appreciate what I have now. Nothing really lasts forever. I know one day, I'll be walking into a home alone. Dark and unlit. Lonely and quiet.

No more home cooked meals. No more LAN gaming. No more nagging mum. No more chores to do.

Just come home. Sleep. Wake up. Work. Come home. Sleep. Its like a never ending cycle of loneliness *sniff*

I'm so gonna appreciate next year more.

*Listening to Only Hope*