I miss you guys. No shit.

I missed 3 parties AND a play. Like I miss you guys. So much.

Even though it hasn't been that long. I miss 4k. I miss SMK Taman Melawati. I miss the laughs. I miss the crazy-demented-non stop laughter-funny classmates of mine. Gah I miss everyone.

I agree with Fabs. Everyone IS drifting apart. If after form 4 is this bad. I cant even imagine after we finish high school. Yes. Hasn't anyone realized? We've spent 4 years in this school. Its hard to imagine that its gonna be our last year next year.

Can anyone even imagine. On the first week of January you don't have to wake up at 6 in the morning. You realize. Hey, I'm already 18(technically). Theres no more uniforms to wear. No more hair cutting operations. No more assemblies to ponteng. No more screaming Jannah. No more half an hour basketball matches that happen once a week. No more St. Johns kawad. No more under 17 events. No more disgusting canteen food. No more bringing guitars to school.


This sucks. I am so gonna have to treasure my last year next year.

I don't wanna lose you guys. My best friends in the world. ):


aiman farhan bin johari how said...

so true.so true.

Justin McMuffin said...

Its kinda depressing to think about.