Why do I even bother.

Being a student has got to be the best time of anyone's life but there's really one thing I really dislike doing.


Its true when they say that what we don't like are normally good for us.

But its not like we have a choice anyway.

I so regret not really taking form 4 seriously. Kinda slacked off the entire year. So there I was, trying to cram everything in the wee hours of the morning. I stared blankly into sheets of white paper with words such as mitosis and covalent bonds.

Oh, I knew from the start I was screwed.

Okay. All I remembered was that I tried to start at 8. Failed. Played with my brothers. Read magazines. Tried again at 9.30. Failed. Played my guitar and went down to eat. I finally started to study at 11pm. No joke. This went on for almost 3 weeks. This routine.

There was one of those days that I slept for less than 2 hours. from 5am to what, 6.30am? It was physics. And I went to school, BLANK. Epic fail.

I just noticed this.

Yup. Its even spelled that way.

That was the loneliest nights ever in my 16 yo life. Though I would like to thank those people that stayed up with me. You know who you are. ;)

Even though this few weeks felt like hell. It was fun though. Cause everyone else was studying too. Carlos, Netto and I went to McDs to study. We created a mess! And Julian went nuts and wore Fabi's jacket. Wackos.

And where would I be without my music? I love my Pod. :) And Lenny Kravitz. I just love the song I'll Be Waiting. It being the ending song for L: Change the World has nothing to do with it! Okay, actually it does. Still!

Anyway, I knew I was gonna fail for all this last minute work. But then I wanted to at least give an effort. All the stress must have went to my head. I actually brought an icebox filled with caffeine.

Thank God for the AAR concert. I could at least destress. Or at least that's what I thought. Instead of being relaxed I became so stressed out because of Add Maths I had a mental breakdown. So therefore I didnt study at all. My holidays technically started.

All I had now was 3 more days. My little pink thing was accompanying me.

Yups. :) And well, I had someone else with me too. :)

Anyway, in this 3 weeks I really had time to think and find myself.

.. I still havent found what I was looking for but..

A pictures paint a thousand words. Figure it out for yourself.