What is this love?

Gosh I miss that feeling. That butterflies. I had it earlier this year. I think? But right now I cant differentiate infatuated love and real love. Its true. I feel as if my whole hormone system went numb. Its just like, stoning.

Cause I like many people and I do flirt. But the thing is. I really don't know. How love really is? How is it supposed to feel like. I wish someone would just tell me. I really wanna stop searching for an answer.

I know, your probably thinking that why am I in a rush. But the truth is. I'm more into finding out how it feels like. Honestly. I kinda miss it.

But theres more to romantic love, there's passionate love, religious love, compassionate love, etc.

:( Sigh. Have no idea what I'm talking abt. Someone tell me.


Vanadise said...

You'll know when you've found the right person.