Of Halloween and Rejects

I told everyone not to be late but I ended up half an hour late. Karma man.

Anyway, the guys and me went for AAR last Saturday! it was Epic!

I went there along with the guys from school and CJ. It was really fun!

We reached there around like. 4.30+? It was scorching I tell you! literally burning! And there was this superfreakin long line. But guess what? Apparently we had friends all the way in front. Sanjeev too! Seems like everyone was a familiar face. Went around all hyper and greeting everyone!

Poked Mei into submission. It took her SO LONG to intro me to her friend. tsk tsk.

Oh then when the gates were open for entry all hell broke loose.

It was like DUKE all over again. All the traffic. All the bastards who pushed and shoved me can go to hell. Seriously. I mean. WAIT YOUR FREAKING TURN LAA. My gosh. It was so retarded la all these with that effed up mindset.

In the end the guys and I manage to get a nice place up front. Well, quite front. Behind Mei Ji and gang. I'm so short it was so sad okay. :(

At first I was really looking forward for this but DiGi screwed it up. BIG TIME. This concert was one of the biggest disappointments ever. Period.

Do you know how many times I listened to Move Along? Like 7 times or something. I cant remember but DiGi's music ad is like etched in my brain stuck on repeat. And that image of that guy who gets carried away. lol.

After waiting for almost a lifetime. Ian and Natalie started talking and introduced the local bands.
It was alrite. But there was another delay. GOSH.

First up was Disagree. Not many people like em but I find their music somewhat entertaining.
The crowd was so negative it was so not cool. The local artistes we're good. Pop Shuvit and the like.

During the song Marabahaya from Pop Shuvit these bunch of boyan rempits kept pushing us like shit. Seriously. Not just pushing but like punching and such. I was this close to hitting on of em. grrr.

ANYWAY, after the local bands there was another long hiatus for like, idk, an hour? The crowd was so restless they started chanting "DiGi sucks!" like over and over again. And I pity Ian and Natalie. They we're the ones that got all the shit from the crowd.

Eventually AAR finally came out. Tyson was being super gay as usual. People who went there should know. It was like he was moaning. But he is kinda cool nonetheless. After a few songs I kinda ditched the guys. Not really. I was super thirsty and like being squashed cause I was so small.

Jon and CJ followed me to get some drinks. But I really ditched them this time. Well, I wanted to meet someone.

I did. And I wished I had stayed longer with her before going back. I didnt know we weren't going home immediately. I would have so hanged longer. :)

Anyway, we bought our tickets right and then all of a sudden ALL of our phones went dead. Rais and me went walking around swearing finding reception. We eventually found a spot that was like 3 x 3ft that seem to have reception.

You could imagine Rais and me standing in that small fragment of land getting reception. Only when my phone was working did I realize that CJ was already AT the station. I was like. "Shit."
Manage to get all the guys. Who were lepaking here and there.

As we were all super high now we all started singing whilst walking to the LRT. It was so funny. We waited for the LRT for so long and everywhere we go Rais seems to know someone. HAHA. He's like Opera man wtc.

The LRT took us all the way back to Chan Sow Lin station where we met with Julian Lee. Who seemed to know Rais too. Like its just freaky. The LRT took another 20 minutes or so to come after the initial stop.

Once we got on it. Rais and Julian L. were playing with the door. Running in and out. A girl got really pissed and scolded Rais. He was like. "Freak." LOL. Anyway,As we were about reach ampang. We stopped. AGAIN. waited for another 10 minutes there.

In the end I reached home at around 1.40am. Was tired as nuts. Showered. Slept. Boy, was it a tiring day.

But it was fun nonetheless, with everyone there. :) Hope theres another concert soon!