I'm not perfect. :)

Booyah! Its been ages since I blogged. Theres so much to say and do. Rant and what not. But before that. Let me say a public statement.

I, Justin Choy, am not perfect. I might have this superficial persona that I'm a goody guy but when reality strikes I'm not. Its just that we are brought up in a way to make people believe what they want them to. I think theres a profession for that. I think it called an actor.

Truth be told, more than half of you guys don't know the real me. I'm not always nice you know.

I swear alot.
I am effing mean sometimes.
I do like talking about sick, twisted things.
I do wanna dress with 4 different colours one day.
I do wanna go clubbing and partying.

I'm just 16. I'm a teenager. Its just my time to be wild, crazy and not thinking before I do things. Its my imperfections that make me human.

STOP trying to set things straight for me. Thats why I have parents. And pastors. But what I don't fucking understand is that why you people give a shit when you can't even take care of your own bloody life.

Like seriously man, get a life. Theres a difference between advising me between whats right and wrong to downright telling me how to live my life.

I DO NOT like to be told to do things let alone how to live my life.

So to whoever who has a problem against me. I don't give an F. Seriously.

P.S. Its just something I needed to get out. Not towards anyone. Just I needed to rant. Yes. I know blogs are public and it'll haunt me in the future but hey guess what.

I'm 16. Deal with it.



The Moonlight Bard said...

Nah, i like your imperfections. cocky bastards ftw :D