Its been awhile.

I have the playhouse Disney theme song in my head now. No, I'm serious.

I love my job!

For those who don't talk to me (you basterds) or don't read my updates will won't know that I've been working for the Disney Hoopla event at 1 Utama. Old wing.

Well, the first day was extremely tiring. I mean, there was well over 300 kids! and we worked from 8 till like 12. but it was really fun! My collegue and I were in charge of the one of the game booths that involved puzzles and Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse. We're supposed to make the kids say the magic word that makes MM'sC appear.

Which is like Meeska, Musska, Mickey Mouse. Yeah. Sounds kinda weird. But its very funny when you actually say it! and I get to wear Mickey ears! LOL

See this involves kids that are 3 to 10. But there are parents that bring the younger ones in to! So its kinda hard to make them say the magic word. So the universal language is the..

*dramatic music*

High 5. yeah, I'm serious! It works! talking about that, there was this really tiny 2 year old girl who could barely walk or talk. I bend down and asked her for a high 5. Guess what, She walked over and kissed my collegue and me on the cheek. IT WAS SO ADORABLE OKAY.


But there are also the downsides that come with working here. I'm not gonna sound like some whining kid but honestly, some parents should really be less kiasu. There was this one lady that came to me and said the word "free gift" 6 times. All asking for it. T_T

Also there was this 8 year old kid. Shes so annoying. She came since the first day! She comes around everyday and annoys the living daylights outta you! Alot of people get really annoyed. I started ignoring her. lol

Oh and another thing are the parents that DO NOT understand what they dont get about barriers. Let me ask you, If you see barriers enclosing an area what does that tell you?

"Your not supposed to be there!"

Well duh!

And then these people just put their kids on stage and act as if the barrier isn't there! There was this guy who really pissed me to the max. Here's what happened

He's kid was on stage so I kindly and politely told him that he's kid's not supposed to be there and he said. "Why not? You afraid the stage might break is it?"

I said with a straight face "No sir, I'm afraid its closed already so he can't be there."

Then he said "Oh, Okay. You tell him that."

I did. And got him off. I was so pissed off weih.

Anyway, on this job is really where I depended on my talking skills. I'm also working for the photography and registration department so I had to transverse in many languages. Including mandarin. Which failed. Miserably. But I tried okay.

And taking and editing pictures is tough work when you have people constantly breathing down your necks for the pics. But I still love it. :)

My supervisor is awesome too. Its funny when she gets annoyed when we call her boss. HAHA.

Did I mention we have a working disco ball? awesomeness!

Anyway, This job is really fun! I mean you get to meet great people. Make friends. Do stupid things. Go hyper! Have-Disney-Songs-Stuck-in-Brain, and ultimately the kids do make your day when they smile and said they had a good time!

I still have to update about the Paintball WCA and also L and M's GDO + Justin. xD


For someone:
See, I told you I'll update. :)