He's more adorable that Justin Bieber.

Russell is so adorable (Yea, as if you guys didn't already know that.). It was so hilarious when I went to the arcade with him yesterday.

First we played Daytona. That racing game thing. It was so funny. The first time he beat me, so I asked for a rematch. The 2nd match when I overtook him he started screaming at me, then he started distracting my by pulling my steering wheel. Then at the last 6 seconds I don't know why but I kinda went sideways and when my brother won he laughed at me.

Yes, a 10 year old laughed at me and said I was a noob.

I got my revenge when we played motoGP. IT WAS SO FUNNY LA! Cause its like the real thing, you have to sit and tilt your body to steer. Since Russell was so tiny he couldn't like tilt properly. So he kept asking me "Gor, how to turn laaaa. ITS NOT WORKING."

I just laughed. And in the end he got off the bike and started pushing and pulling it. Seriously. While he had his hand on the gas he was pushing and pulling. Hahah.

Then we went to play basketball. We beat the high score and got 135. Then suddenly a group of ppl came and tried to beat it. They almost lost when at the last second the managed a 137. So, not to be defeated my brother and I spent our last tokens on it. We were on fire! We got like. 150 smth. So we went somewhere else and sat down.

The same group tried to beat our score again! They tried. They failed. We laughed. Hysterically. Epic.

It was a good day. And Russell got pissed at Taylor Lautner cause I said he's going for Taylor Swift. He LOVES Taylor Swift. Hahaha.

♥ my bro man. :)