Tony Roma and New Bounce. :)

I went to Pavilion last night to get my custom made miadidas shoes. :) New bounce. Woots.

So yeah, I had to like choose colours for the sole and stripes and what not.

Oh my gosh was it confusing. Like, me being really really indecisive choosing the shoes. Ended up with a few concepts.

Well one of the things I learned is to NEVER buy on impulse and rush. So I took my time.

Apparently I was the longest customer to customize my shoes. hahah.

I ended up with this design. :)

Then we had dinner at Tony Roma's.

We ordered the 13Inch ribs! Omg they were the best ribs I have ever tasted!


Yeah. Was awesome. The sauces too. I had a heartburn after that. But it was worth it! :)


If a picture paints a thousand words. :)

If a picture paints a thousand words.


I'm just doing this cause I'm uberly bored.

Car's gone. Didnt realized. Brilliant.

Woke up at 8.30am.

Took an hour to get ready.

Only to realize by 9.50 that the car's at the workshop.

Like, Shit.

Now I'm sitting here. With my socks still on. Thinking of what to do.

This is gonna be a looooooooong day.

Depression. Teenage problems.

Sometime I feel like shooting every motherfucker that gets in my way.

And yes. I do suffer from depression sometimes. Yeah, I aint always that bubbly and full of smiles. I have my days too. Its just that a good actor knows how to portray the emotions he wants people to see.

Sometimes, you keep thinking how bad your day is but actually there isn't really a problem. Everything just looks dull cause I'm so caught up in my bubble of depression.


Oh, I hate staying at home on Saturdays. My parents and brothers are out. Didnt bring me along. Its alrite.

Sometimes I'm envious of other people and how they're living their lives. But then I fail to stop and look at how God has blessed mine.

I guess nothing is perfect. Nobody gets everything in Life. You just got to appreciate what's been given to you.

Life's too short for me to get depressed right now. But sometimes. Its hard to keep everything inside.


Fridays are guitar days.

Fridays are forever going to be known as the Guitar Day in our school.

So to my 4k readers! Bring your guitars on Fridays! We shall rock out! \m/n_n\m/


Emo! xD

So Fridays are awesome. Like today for instance. We lugged our guitars everywhere. People asked what was it for.
Thats our mascot! xD And Jon! Our manager xD

Performance people!

And teacher was like "Bile perform?"

Chariteh! And Prefect Parteh! :P

Gah. Still not very confident with my voice. AT ALL.

I can't and WONT sing with people who are very good. Such as Fabi. I cant sing with her. Cause she's just awesome. And get like totally nervous with people.

Its just weird. Cause like I never know whether I suck or not. Confidence issues.

Like how Arjun puts it "You sing really well, when you have the mood to"

And Jon keeps reminding me that I don't suck. Thanks bro.

Well. We'll see how it works out.

So back to the topic. Hahah today was really fun. We had our band practice. LIKE FINALLY.

Played a few songs. :) Finally I learned how to play When You Say Nothing At All. ♥

And I saw this vase that looked EXACTLY like a fedora. Heres the pic.

Hanged out at club. Worked out. Broke Angie's string. My baaad.

And made Shy shy shy amelia meet my friends.

Was cool meeting Jordan and all. Dont really mix arnd with them much.

Oh and btw, When I was waiting for my mum just now I was playing my guitar at the bus stop. Then this guy came walking his dog and I smiled at him. He said "Are you Christian?"

I was like.. "O_o Er.. Yes?"

He was like "Which church do you go to?"

I said "Metro Tab"

And he said "Good" and walked away. Damn weird weih!

So overall a really fun but uberly tiring day.

I'm probably gonna knock out right now. So sleepy. >.< style="font-weight: bold;">RIP MJ!

Billie Jean!

Transformers was. Awesome. :)

Went out late yesterday for the 10.30pm Transformers movie with some friends.


Megan Fox is so hot. :P

Hahah. Sorry guys I couldn't like, stfu, for even 5 seconds. Kept talking and talking and talking and talking. Hahaha.

And my finger hurts cause I cut it too deep. :( Shits.

Transformers was awesome!~

The Death of a truly beloved.

Its hard for me to even write this. I'm so overwhelmed with grief and sorrow its unimaginable.

As an older brother I have to try to stay strong. And try to keep everyone's spirits from falling.

But its hard.

All I hear are the cries of sadness.
All I see is tears flowing down cheeks with bloodshot eyes.
All I feel is..

Pain. Sorrow.

Why? I ask God. Why did it have to come to this.

Death comes so sudden. Life. Is so precious.
You take it for granted. And the next thing you know its taken away.

I will miss you so much, boy. No other one can ever replace you in our heart.

Its been 3 years that you've been with us. You've been with us while we we're growing up..

You've done your share of mistakes. But never fought back.

You've been loved and cared for. And all you do the same.

You've come to us in times of loneliness. Kept us from being lonely on those rainy nights.

You were always the more quiet of creatures. But you silence was enough to keep us happy.

You suddenly left one night.

Never would I have thought that that night was going to be the last night that I will ever see you again.

Never would I have thought. That would be the last time you rolled on the floor.

Never would I have thought. That would be your last purr. Your last meal.

We thought you were lost. But we found you.

Not a single beat on your heart..

We knew. In our hearts. That you were gone. Forever.

You will truly be missed.. Always remembered in our hearts. And all the memories we shared will keep you alive in us.

I love you so much.


? - 22 June 2009



Sleep deprivation.

The uberly vain yet freakin hot people :D

Sigh. Havent been getting enough sleep lately. =( and results are out.

Lets just say I feel like a freaking douchebag. :( Which sucks.

On the happier side of things, the missionary trip to Kuala Lipis was awesome! :D Praise God!
I think 20 youths got saved. Thank God. :)

And so these few days since there was only results we had like loads of free time. And it has been used productively. :P

See, I bought Seventeen this month right and the first thing that pops up when I opened it was having the words


thrown at my face. Like. Lols man.

Apparently, Lyne claimed that it was the very comfortable and absorbent type. Like, owhkays? rofl. And the guys were like so intrigued by it Ahahah!.

And I drew Chinaman! :X
Its a masterpiece! hahaha!

And a last but not least. Happy birthday to that really special girl!

Fabiolla Netto!

You've always been there for me. Good and bad. Always been a shoulder for me to lean on when I'm down. <3 style="margin: 0px auto 10px; display: block; text-align: center; cursor: pointer; width: 269px; height: 201px;" src="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_XoMlNfn9hxc/SjoT7b9BHwI/AAAAAAAAAU4/7YUKZQ46Qxs/s400/DSC01002.JPG" alt="" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5348609419292778242" border="0">

They just cant stop playing cards!

We went to makan at KFC. And I personally think St. Johns is taking over the school :P

Holidays are almost ending. Shits.



First and foremost. I would like to thank Angelina Kein for some of the pictures that are/will be added to this blog. :)
Sorry that your currently Internetless. Sincerest condolences. =)

Besides. Shitmyx is still. Yeah,


Holidays are almost over. Soon I'll be back in blue sitting (probably sleeping..) in the Biology lab. Oh God, Results are coming out too. Well. Every good thing has to end somewhere. Hahaha. I actually miss school. My friends mostly.

Life is so awesome. I feel so good. Happy that things are so great. Praise God~

So lets see. How my holidays went so far. I think I spent most of my days in church. Apparently the mission trip isn't all fun and games. Lots of work. But mine, thankfully, just involves going for the drama practices that we're gonna do.

Unless you all didn't know. Its in Kuala Lipis, Pahang!

Going there to spread the word of God. By God's blessings it'll turn out good.

Fabi puts it as "Justin Choy trying to be holy." Hahaha! Yeah I agree. :D

Gonna be in 2 Dramas and doing the drama workshop with Kee Aun. :)

Hope that turns out alrite. ^^ Even though we have only like 4 ppl that signed up for the drama workshop. lols.

Well. I'm amazed that I only went out once. And that was a pretty sad ordeal too. *sigh* I was sick on Amanda's party (Sorry babes!) And relay for life because my parents disallowed me and I had mission trip things to do the next day (Sorry fabs!)

Well. The other things I did in chronological order. ^^

The dinner with CJ and my buddies. awesome time I had there. Went to Bermuda & Onion and Delucca. Brilliant. The food was awesome too btw!

Love you Elmo! <3 style="font-family:trebuchet ms;">No Apologies Seminar touching on Love, Life and Sex.

Hell yeah. Super fun!

Gah. You guys make it all the better to be here. It was really fun! And well. I got really confused. Somehow convinced its cool to be single. Rofl. Yeah. Flirt like hell! :D Woots.

That speaker dude was really cool too. Kept talking about how cool sex was after he got married. Hahah! And there was loads of video presentations about it. Like advertisement and testimonies from teens who practiced premarital sex.

Yeah. For those who thinks its awesome. Its not. Alrite. I could rant and rant and rant all I want about it here. But I'm saving that.

I really liked the advertisement sections. Not because of its sex appeal but rather how the advertisement is projected to the mass consumers.

Letting people believe what the want to believe our perception of an object gets altered into thinking what we want to. People arent selling a product.

They're selling a lifestyle.

Love that part.

Then there was loads about what are the consequences and stuff. And where the line stands.
I was thinking larh. Like what the crap. How the heck am I supposed to like. Get a wife in the first place if I cant even like. Kiss her or smth.

Like there so freaking alot of STDs nowadays. And holy crap if I get HPV its a 95% of contracting cervical cancer.

Aka. Penis cancer. omfg.

And like. STDs cant only be transmitted sexually. It can be transmitted with just touching. Like. Holy crap. We are all screwed. 1 in 4 people are infected with HIV alone and theres over 46 different types of STDs.

We're all dead!

The condom is a lie! 3% is still a chance!

I really LOL-ed when Kairi was like.

"We can only hold their hands when were married. =="

Ahahha! And Yi En too! Jokingly said.

"Anything but sex." LOL.

So funny weih. :)

Then then. We took some pictures and signed our books. So cool being a superstar.

Next! :P

Had a great holiday so far. Gah. I'm late for class. And I gotta sleep when I get back. Mission trip rehearsal tmrw. :)

Gonna start meditating about the things I did. And more pictures. :) w902i ftw. :)

Loving life and everything about it. Praise God.

Single life is awesome btw.


Sneaking out is fun~

Sneaking out at 4am in the morning to give toast is fun~ Ahahaha!


I went against my will.

Damn you CJ. Your so freakin persistent.

Well. yeah. I went out yesterday with CJ and gang. Supposedly alot of people were supposed to go. But ended up with like what. 4 ppl? Like wtf man.

Was going to Pavi. Sabrina and her friend tagged along. :)

Wanted to go watch Terminator. I wanted that Monsters vs Aliens thing or smth but nobody wanted so yeah. Sokay.

Went to have breakfast. Charles met up. Charles was so disappointed lol!

He was like,

"This is bullshit lar! CJ you called me at 11pm last night and treat me like bail like that. Since everyone cant come call Charles lar."

So I asked lar. Why he came?

He said,

"That CJ lar! Promise me supermodels or smth. Bullshit la."

It was damn hilarious. Yeah. So apparently Charles already watched the movie. So he went in anyway. But watched a different movie.

We met up with Sabrina and her friend later. We were supposed to get jeans. I seriously suck at deciding anything.

CJ wanted to get something in Sungei Wang. So Charles and I tagged along.

We went there right and holy shit we went all over Sungei Wang to get a chain that CJ wanted and we DIDNT get it. Like. OMFG weih. We were talking abt sex before marriage or some crap like that. So freakin stupid omg!

We kept callin CJ Elmo. Ahahaha! He was so nervous meetin Sabrina at first too. xD

Yeah. We were so pissed off. Cause we went all over and still didnt get what he wanted.

So yeah. Charles had to go home. So we were supposed to meet up with Sabrina again.
But we were tired and thirsty. So we went to find this shop called gelato something. Cant remember. WAS SO LOST OMFG.

I saw like the same people over and over and over again. Like. The directory is screwed up la. Eventually we found that shop. ONLY TO NOT BUY ANYTHING AGAIN. Cause apparently wanted to save money.

Gah. I just bought some water and we went to coffee bean. CJ bought some swedish tea or smth. Which was bitter as hell. Ahahaha. Sabrina met up with us.

Then we went around shopping. I was pissed at some reason. I think Jon and Fabs knows. XD La la la.

Went to PDI and was looking at the jeans which was supposed to be for girls. T_T omfg so dumb.

Took like 4 denim shorts. So hard to decide. In the end. Didnt buy any of em. And bought jeans instead. HAHAH.

And oh oh! I WAS SO DUMB! Instead of pullin I pushed the changing room door. So I freaked out. Thought I was lost or smth! SO STUPID OMG!

Finally bought something! :D Yay.

Walked to KLCC after that. Was freakin hungry at first. Then CJ had to go home.

Ahahah. Awkward moment. Shall not state it here. :P

Then then. Sabs and I went for dinner at A&W. It was so stupid la the staff there. Its like 80% of the menu out of stock. And I had to say YES 3 times for them to understand my order.

We talked alot there. So funny weih! Sabs like bit one bite of the burger and was full. LOL. We tapau-ed everything. Almost the drinks too. Ahahha.

Then we had to go home. In the LRT she was telling me this Sri Rampai story. Gave me goosebumps. And yeah. If your reading this. I'm sorry for freakin you out! :P

ahahaha! Went to buy bread after that. And then we went home. Was a pretty fun day out lar.


Sorry. No pictures.

Things boredom does to ppl

Just a short update.

So yeah. This was near KFC. I went. Wtf. Like seriously! Wtf!

And then. This apparently is what I did when I was bored too!
xD Linked my tv and comp together. Woots~

And well. We did this super emo video! AHAHAH