Back in the day

I wish it'll all go back to when we we're kids. Where there wasn't any animosity or any anger and the biggest thing would probably be whether the ice cream guy would come by our houses. I wished it was the same now. Where I can skip all the drama, all the people A not getting along with people B. I'm so sick of all this.

So I shall revert back to my old ways. Never showing my emotions. That way, everyone wins. :)


Its been a while since I had this feeling inside of me. Its been too long too, that I was afraid I might have forgotten how it felt like. Call me a sadist but its a good kind of pain. I guess I would mistake it for adrenaline but I know what this is. Emotion.

I'm gonna miss this.

Three Subway Cars came in a convoy to give us subway vouchers. Maybe they found out we stole free refills the other day. oh well.

When you give realize that all hope has been lost. You don't stress as much. Haha okay what am I saying I'm stressing but I'm not doing anything about it! And SPM is coming in like 29 days? or something like that. So tuition has been vital to ensuring we dont flunk.

After tuition the other day we didn't have transport home so the humble idea that was to walk home ended up being a full fledged adventure. I mean these kinda things you can only do when your young!
And to quote Eric
Indian people walk super fast when they have something to talk about.

Well that may be true since Arjun and Ju was already on the bridge when we we're still yards away.
Anyway we passed the zoo and this blue Murcielago passed us and we all got a lil orgasmic and walked towards the zoo where we proceeded to act like a bunch of tourist, from macau. HAHA

See the peace signs? Oh yeah.

E took a video all the way to the entrance which we realize it was closed. Not like we were really go in. Well, certainly not gonna pay RM25 for it. As explained in the illustration below.

A pretty productive day I think!





Mummy Choy turns 18! LOL

So last Friday was Mummy Choy's birthday! So as everyone knows guys pretty much sucks at getting gifts for the opposite sex. Like if it was a guy it might be simpler but girls there are so many variables that must be considered. I didn't help with the fact that my mum seem to have everything.

So Sabs and I decided to go out to Wangsa Walk (How original right?) to get something. I already kinda knew for a fact that we werent gonna end up getting anything. And besides I had something else on my mind. Food. Then again that's what we think of all the time.

But the thing is everytime I ask her if she's hungry she'd say no so I'll end up saying nah I'll eat later or something. But this time I succumbed to the evil that is called Subway. ♥

So I ordered my SoTD as usual and requested all the sauces except thousand island. yeah thanks to Fabi I have embraced drowning my parmesan oregano. Yum. It really is good! She wasnt used to eating sandwiches like this so you could expect a mess. It was adorable I swear.

Then met up with a friend of hers called Ben and somehow really could communicate with the dude. Maybe it was just us relating the fact that girls are the most indecisive creatures on the planet. So while Sabs went to pick we just hang back giving suggestions and talking about stuff.

Eventually went to this store where I think we spent a good half hour there. Guess why? Deciding which colour. Oh yeah. And I thought I was the indecisive one. Eventually settle for one. And I decided to get flowers from the store next door. Probably spent another 15 minutes here deciding the colours T_T

They went to Subway since Ben didnt eat yet so met up with them later. Shit happened and I just wanna highlight something. Malaysian pharmacies have no pharmacist. Like wth?

Also, bumped into Yi En. And literally bumped into her. Most. Awkward. Hug. Everrrrrr. Which was kinda embarrassing.

It was a pretty fun day actually. Mum was really happy with the stuff! Woohoo! happy birthday mum!

P.S I shall get the flowers for you next time okay ;)


33 days till SPM

Dum Dee

"If it were meant to happen it would."

Well yeah, it would happen. But that doesn't mean that you leave it to faith and not do anything about it. Many a times people tend to just leave things and not do anything about it and then complain when things don't work out. Like if u really want something. Work for it!


I've decided that I don't think I'll be going with anyone. I would love to but I believe that if I wanna bring a prom date she would have to be someone very special to me. Not because I wanna show oh I have a super hot date or wanna get laid or whatever. That's true really. So yeah well, I did wanna bring someone. But well end up I'll be going with the guys.

Well, there goes my prom date fantasies. Hahaha who knows. Still early to tell :)



Fine. So El Pacino wasn't a mafia but he has an M16. So that's awesome works.

I think if I am failing my trials I would blame it partly on my futile attempts at studying and also MAFIA 2.

Well, yeah. After 13 hours of playing it I am done. It was a bloody good game I tell you. The who narrative and drama of the game really pulls you in like a real mafia movie. Plus the characters are pretty unique and has their own characteristics. Like our slapstick duo, Vito and Joe.

One thing I don't get is that epic cliffhanger ending that makes me wanna shit my pants. GOSH I WANNA KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NOT THE STUPID CREDITS!

So many questions left unanswered.

Oh well I think it was a damn good game in its own right. Now.. To pass the game to Arjun.



Wake me up when september ends.

Maybe its just me but touch screen phones are really prone to typos and well hurts my arm generally. Maybe its just me since I've been having my SPM trials and my mind isn't exactly sober atm. Sleep deficiency is bad!

Well, SPM anxiety kicked in. I find everything else besides staying at home guilty wince I could be studying. At time or writing it is about 54 days to SPM and everyone is frantically preparing for the worst. Brothers having pmr next week too.

Anyhow, its inevitable. But think of post SPM! Road trips, prom, drinks at night, lepaking at home, GET A GIRLFRIEND. HAHA. Well that's what fabi said since I was getting horny lol. But well, nobody wants me ;P

At the moment, people who are still up will normally be cramming their heads doing bio and/or stoning like what I'm doing. So screwed. My fault anyway.

Talking about getting screwed my past few weeks was pretty fun. Bought some new toys clothes, hang out abit. The usual. But I think I've been studying more which is good too. Twitter took over my life wince I sometimes can't find the inspiration to talk about so I random crap some stuff. And its pretty fun getting RT'ed and what not.

On a different side of things I think I'm gonna let this girl I currently always think of slide je la. I mean somethings just aren't meant to be I guess. And ill save her the awkwardness. Oh well I guess its okay. What's the point of caring when they don't even like idk.
So close yet so far right?

Till trials are over.