I'm gonna miss this.

Three Subway Cars came in a convoy to give us subway vouchers. Maybe they found out we stole free refills the other day. oh well.

When you give realize that all hope has been lost. You don't stress as much. Haha okay what am I saying I'm stressing but I'm not doing anything about it! And SPM is coming in like 29 days? or something like that. So tuition has been vital to ensuring we dont flunk.

After tuition the other day we didn't have transport home so the humble idea that was to walk home ended up being a full fledged adventure. I mean these kinda things you can only do when your young!
And to quote Eric
Indian people walk super fast when they have something to talk about.

Well that may be true since Arjun and Ju was already on the bridge when we we're still yards away.
Anyway we passed the zoo and this blue Murcielago passed us and we all got a lil orgasmic and walked towards the zoo where we proceeded to act like a bunch of tourist, from macau. HAHA

See the peace signs? Oh yeah.

E took a video all the way to the entrance which we realize it was closed. Not like we were really go in. Well, certainly not gonna pay RM25 for it. As explained in the illustration below.

A pretty productive day I think!