Mummy Choy turns 18! LOL

So last Friday was Mummy Choy's birthday! So as everyone knows guys pretty much sucks at getting gifts for the opposite sex. Like if it was a guy it might be simpler but girls there are so many variables that must be considered. I didn't help with the fact that my mum seem to have everything.

So Sabs and I decided to go out to Wangsa Walk (How original right?) to get something. I already kinda knew for a fact that we werent gonna end up getting anything. And besides I had something else on my mind. Food. Then again that's what we think of all the time.

But the thing is everytime I ask her if she's hungry she'd say no so I'll end up saying nah I'll eat later or something. But this time I succumbed to the evil that is called Subway. ♥

So I ordered my SoTD as usual and requested all the sauces except thousand island. yeah thanks to Fabi I have embraced drowning my parmesan oregano. Yum. It really is good! She wasnt used to eating sandwiches like this so you could expect a mess. It was adorable I swear.

Then met up with a friend of hers called Ben and somehow really could communicate with the dude. Maybe it was just us relating the fact that girls are the most indecisive creatures on the planet. So while Sabs went to pick we just hang back giving suggestions and talking about stuff.

Eventually went to this store where I think we spent a good half hour there. Guess why? Deciding which colour. Oh yeah. And I thought I was the indecisive one. Eventually settle for one. And I decided to get flowers from the store next door. Probably spent another 15 minutes here deciding the colours T_T

They went to Subway since Ben didnt eat yet so met up with them later. Shit happened and I just wanna highlight something. Malaysian pharmacies have no pharmacist. Like wth?

Also, bumped into Yi En. And literally bumped into her. Most. Awkward. Hug. Everrrrrr. Which was kinda embarrassing.

It was a pretty fun day actually. Mum was really happy with the stuff! Woohoo! happy birthday mum!

P.S I shall get the flowers for you next time okay ;)


33 days till SPM