Wake me up when september ends.

Maybe its just me but touch screen phones are really prone to typos and well hurts my arm generally. Maybe its just me since I've been having my SPM trials and my mind isn't exactly sober atm. Sleep deficiency is bad!

Well, SPM anxiety kicked in. I find everything else besides staying at home guilty wince I could be studying. At time or writing it is about 54 days to SPM and everyone is frantically preparing for the worst. Brothers having pmr next week too.

Anyhow, its inevitable. But think of post SPM! Road trips, prom, drinks at night, lepaking at home, GET A GIRLFRIEND. HAHA. Well that's what fabi said since I was getting horny lol. But well, nobody wants me ;P

At the moment, people who are still up will normally be cramming their heads doing bio and/or stoning like what I'm doing. So screwed. My fault anyway.

Talking about getting screwed my past few weeks was pretty fun. Bought some new toys clothes, hang out abit. The usual. But I think I've been studying more which is good too. Twitter took over my life wince I sometimes can't find the inspiration to talk about so I random crap some stuff. And its pretty fun getting RT'ed and what not.

On a different side of things I think I'm gonna let this girl I currently always think of slide je la. I mean somethings just aren't meant to be I guess. And ill save her the awkwardness. Oh well I guess its okay. What's the point of caring when they don't even like idk.
So close yet so far right?

Till trials are over.