Melawati's Prom which is gonna be held at The Prince Hotel in KL is this monday and I can't wait to have an freaking awesome good time! We're gonna rock the stage out!

Okay, to be quite frank, the prom fliers suck ass but the tickets are oh my god SO NICE. Its a vintage looking passport with either Elvis or Marilyn Monroe. How cool is that!

And you know how Melawatians throw the best events ever right? That makes me even more excited for Monday! I've been practicing with the guys till I'm on the verge of falling sick. I'm actually quite exhausted to even finish this post but I love you guys so yeah!

You would notice too that I'm not always this hyper but I really am stoked for this Monday night! Its gonna be a night to remember! Maybe I'll get lucky! Hahah just kidding! ;)

Anyway, the guys and I are gonna have to be there early for a sound check and all and I really hope there isn't a jam when we arrive in our convoy. That would be such a cockblock!


Can't wait to take pictures! Stay tuned!



Was the first motorshow I've ever been too and I was quite excited really! Though I really wanted Ford to be there only cause I really really love the new Fiesta. Oh well.

It kinda sucks to go to a place where its so close yet so far. Some of the cars we're pretty cool and I sat in a few. I like the Hyundai Genesis Coupe actually!

Ignore my very high looking face.

And of course there has to be the supercars

..the newer cars. The overall presentation was pretty good. Especially from the likes of Hyundai and Proton. The Mitsubishi's we're pretty good too!

Right. And the best is obviously the concept cars and the models! Starting with the funny looking one haha! The girl in red looks kinda like JuYi though

And the concept Toyota FT HS is freaking beautiful! and the new Honda CR-Z looks great! The surprising thing is that both cars are actually hybrids.

Oh and btw. Here's what my dad and I concluded about Chery cars. See below.

It looks pretty decent but upon closer inspection the door knobs we're like from my toys and the door was squeaking when pulled it. When I sat in there it felt like it was gonna fall apart. So conclusion is never buy Chinese made cars.

I shall quote my dad

"Always leave it to the Chinese people, copy copy copy everything but never make it."

till next time!

I'm shy.


Back then.

I really didn't think that this would happen. But it did. There's no way things would ever get back the same and even though it isn't anything to do with me, I get affected.

Because I care and value our friendship. We grew up together and we're letting everything fall apart. Why? Because one thing led to another. Because of pride, ego, jealousy, anger, frustration.

I find the reason utterly stupid. Maybe it's just me and I haven't personally experienced it but some people just need to grow up and stop acting so immature. What's done is done. Why hold grudges?

Yeah, people messed me up before but I honestly don't hold it in anymore. What's the point? I just get angry and yeah great I can let it go but what I don't know is that its indirectly effecting the people around me. Which isn't that great.

Sure, everyone gets angry but there's a limit to everything.

I just, want something that won't happen. I want everything to be back like it used to.

Like a New Hello.

Hey guys!

SPM is ALMOST officially over for me so that means more updates (I HOPE) and yeah I'm feeling super awesome these days!

So, since SPM is over of the majority of us I guess its start planning for the future. Like someone said, the rest of our lives start now. Which is kinda scary when you think about it.

Like leaving high school, its something that you know was inevitable but you never really imagined how it'd be like you know? I mean I still believe that your real friends are the ones you make in high school. Cause its a dog it dog world out there. Sometimes you need people who won't bite your head off if given the chance.

Well, to some it may be a sad farewell, to others it's a new beginning. Overall its a bittersweet feeling to say the least. I kinda miss some of my buddies now itself. Ah well.

Anyhow since I'm pretty much free atm I'm gonna start trying and learning new things. Probably get a new hairstyle or something too. Anyway, my camera's busted so for now, no new pictures! Sorry!

And I wanna get a.. let's leave it to the benefit of doubt ;)