Back then.

I really didn't think that this would happen. But it did. There's no way things would ever get back the same and even though it isn't anything to do with me, I get affected.

Because I care and value our friendship. We grew up together and we're letting everything fall apart. Why? Because one thing led to another. Because of pride, ego, jealousy, anger, frustration.

I find the reason utterly stupid. Maybe it's just me and I haven't personally experienced it but some people just need to grow up and stop acting so immature. What's done is done. Why hold grudges?

Yeah, people messed me up before but I honestly don't hold it in anymore. What's the point? I just get angry and yeah great I can let it go but what I don't know is that its indirectly effecting the people around me. Which isn't that great.

Sure, everyone gets angry but there's a limit to everything.

I just, want something that won't happen. I want everything to be back like it used to.