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In between add maths papers and a spilled cup of milo.

Excuse my somewhat melodramatic title. Its been a really rather awesome week so far. Sorry for the lack of updates. I think if you are one of my 1000+ friends on Facebook you should be well aware of my rather busy week. I'm still considering on deleting a few hundred people I clearly don't know. Well, latest privacy issues scares me.

What really scares me though is SPM which is creeping closer and closer. I think my hair might be falling of due to the stress. Might explain my bald spot.

Well last Saturday I was at La Risata's for Sean's belated party. Guess who I saw? Eli, who was buka puasaing there. Kinda terasa that she didnt invite me for buka. But its okay, I would had other priorities. And I saw this freaking hot blonde girl who looked 17. Its hard to describe but try to imagine a cross between Hayley Williams and Pixie Lott. Yeah.

The next day was Jayshree's epic party at Babarilos(or was it Bacarilos?). I didn't get drunk but I got to try various different types of cocktails. Was pretty okay I guess! Had to drive that night so I had to be responsible. HAHA. It was really a helluva night, everyone was just so kinky and high and stuff. Met this awesome girl, Amanda there too! Su is right though, that Chinese people have a natural tendency to own in pool.

Well, we just know how to use our sticks. HAHAHA I remembered everyone had to wake up early for tuition in the morning. Every came, and boy, was everyone just so damn horny. We we're talking about bases and stuff and even Fabi was so kinky. HAHAHA

Moving on, Tuesday I went out with Sabby to KLCC for Inception (FINALLY). As always, when I went over to pick her up her maid would just freak me out. It was a pretty cool day la, from trying to do a reverse parking (which I epic failed.) to buying the tickets from the SAME guy who asked May and I whether we were underaged.

Wanted to go get boxers so we went from one store to another, and ended up going back to Topman and getting two. I realized now how freakin expensive it actually was damn. I'll show you which I bought. Well, lets just say my mum laughed at me. This is one of it.

Yeah. Epic. HAHAHA She picked it okay! I wanted the one with the penguins. And yes I do realize that probably made me sound really really gay.

We went for dinner at some place in Wangsa Maju and talked for like an hour ish there. Was a good day! I still remember what we were talking about. HAHAHAHA

Well then the rest of the week was just me sleeping and playing the guitar. Anyway, time to sleep. Have to study more! Promise I will update more too!

P.S I realized that I havent been taking much pictures. I will soon! Stay tuned!