Happy Independence Day!

Merdeka peeps! :)

I'm supafreakin tired now. Just got back from my one day trip from Melaka. Was pretty fun acting like a tourist. Hahah. Its funny when you can get everyone to pose. :)

Before that. I really really don't get Malaysian drivers. I mean. I get it that you have the need for speed( or to shorten your lifespan/ commit suicide/ are a retard) but come on. Leave that for the video games. Or at least, dont crash.

Don't get me wrong, I honestly couldn't care less about your driving but for goodness sake when you crash or hit someone. Oh my God.

The usual will occur.

Guy/Girl who gets hit gets outta car

Guy/Girl who hits get outta car

Fingers and whole string of expletives fly out

Call tow truck/insurance

Half of Malaysia slows down to watch as event take place.

Malaysian drivers take number for 4D

Causes massive traffic jam that delays my journey.

See. Don't crash. On the way to Melaka there were 4 accidents okay.

Anyway, Melaka was fun. I mean, its the 3rd time I'm here. And well, Its surprising how developments change the things. The first time I went to A'Famosa there was water all the way till the fort. Second time I went. There was concrete.

Now this time I went there was a shopping complex. -__-

Well. I went sightseeing around the usual places of interest. Jonker Street was just like Petalling Street back home. Except for the awesome chicken rice.

I'm so sick of chicken rice now. :(

The whole trip was really fun I guess. What a way to end the holidays. :)
Well at least tmrw's a holiday! Have fun guys!


AIESEC Global Village 09'

I got a facebook invite from Sabrina last week for an event called the AIESEC Global Village. See, I had no idea what that was but I went anyway. Looked fun!


I didnt know that AIESEC was a university student group. O_O. shitss.

Felt so outta place man. Hahha. But it was fun nonetheless. It was a great experience. The culture was really diverse and different compared to Malaysia. Learnt some new things about the different countries too.

But the highlight of the day was none other than..

The Food!

Seriously! There was so many different types of food! Mostly snacks and cookies and stuff. THE SWEETS WERE AWESOME. I have never seen that much variety of sweets before. Felt like I was in Willy Wonka's factory. More or less.

There was THIS stuff that looked like fertilizer. But its actually dried sunflower seeds. Which were kinda awesome!

Some Thai kickboxer. :)

Anyway, Sabrina kept bumping into everyone. She doesnt wanna admit it but I knw she was distracted! I dont blame her though. AIESEC was filled with beautiful people! Really! Even though I cant really tell them apart.

See what I mean about beautiful people?

Ahahah. There were lots more. But didnt take enough pictures. Yes, be jealous. XD.

Oh and there was this Mexican guy that Sabs really adored. LOL.

And vikings. Rawr.


Another emo blogpost.

Gosh. You dont know how much I miss you guys. Even though we do see each other from time to time. I miss the living daylights outta you guys. When was the last time we just sat down and talked? The times we talked about everything under the sun?

I come to realize that we weren't like how we were when we were kids. Those times, the friendships that we had are nothing like today. We acted like real friends. Not just a bunch of hypocrites who said one thing but acted another..

I miss those times where we went anywhere and all we had was laughter and fun. Nowadays is you have your gang and I have mine. I admit people change. But maybe a simple

"Hey, how are you? I haven't talked to you in ages. You doing alrite?"

or a..

"Dude, how've you been? You wanna talk about.."

I dont know. Maybe its just me. But nowadays everyone is just so busy with their lives they couldn't really care about others. Maybe I just miss being with people who cared for each other. You know how much it sucks when you see 2 of your best friends not talk to each other?

I mean. Why can't they just swallow their ego and make up. Think of the times you guys had before you guys are like this? Its depressing. You guys played futsal every week for goodness sake. (You know who I'm talking about.)

I think I'm just depressed now. I wanna let it out. As much as I hate whining and complaining. I still feel like writing this I dont know why.

Its like what Arthur said.

"When your having a moodswing, you start to think of all the problems you have with life. These are the times where you really wish you had a girlfriend."

Couldn't agree more. Though it was the truth in those words that made me even more depressed.

I've come to realize that some of my actions can lead to disastrous consequences. How the certain things I do makes people look at me in a different way. But sometimes what I think I'm doing is perfectly fine to others it might be misconceived into something else.

Nice. I guess being nice has its limits. But apparently I'm too nice sometimes. And people like. "Oh, He's like that to everyone. He doesnt like you." Probably. But what if I did? What if I think that you need somebody to be there for you. I admit its my fault.

Well, Guess I'm not gonna do that anymore. Since people think I'm like that.

And I'm sorry for those who might think I'm fucking you over. Thinking that I'm giving you false hope and being such an asshole. Cause I'm not. Truth is. I do care. I DO give a shit. Maybe you fail to realize that. And its still my fault.



I forgot to mention how sick and tired I am of trying to invite people who has problems with each other. I hate it that knowing that were all friends but I cant have person A mix with person B or person B with person C. I hate that. :((((((((

Oh. PS. Please dont take this post seriously. Cause I probably dont mean everything I say. I'm just super depressed.

Melawati Live.

This post is long overdue but what the heck. Here goes.

First, I would like to thank the person who organized this event with the intent of raising money for the less fortunate.

It all started with an idea. A thought of kindness towards others. That was how Melawati Live was born. After much planning and time sacrificed for it, the event turned out awesome. Melawati Live ended up earning more than RM1k for SPCA and the Charity for Underprivileged Kids in Melawati.

So heres what happened. On the 16th of August. Melawati went LIVE.

The performances we're pretty good. From Ainsley and Dania's Acostics to Nahrend and Ryan's stand up comedy to us! The Alternate Zebras!

It was nice seeing everyone there. Was a very warm atmosphere. Mostly people from form 4. It was really sweet seeing all the couples there too. I even got kinda envious when Julian said he wanted to dedicate a song for Tina.

I was thinking. When's it my turn. Hahah. Some day, I thought.

We played Time Is Running Out and I forgot the lyrics AGAIN. Ronan's When You Say Nothing at All which was my favorite. We sang Hound Dog with Daniel. Which was a fail. And Julian dedicated When You Look Me In The Eyes for Tina. Uber sweetness. :D

It was fun playing pool too. It was ages since I played it. Didnt suck that badly though. The guys at the bar was just being uncivilized. I mean. We're trying to do a freakin performance would you just shut the hell up? I mean. wth.

But it all turned out really great. I was great seeing Sufian after him being in Pakistan for soooooo long. He even won a hamper from the lucky draw. Pakistan bastard. As if him having 3 wives wasnt enough already.

Speaking of that, we were really surprise when we got the cert for performing. But wait! That wasn't all. Apparently. We also won Best Performance! Which was a surprise. We ended up running and jumping to get the 3ft tall hamper. LOL-moment.

Overall. It was a really great event. Kudos to the organizers for a job well done! :)



Yes, I was THAT bored.

Yesterday was pretty boring. Since Jon and Nahrend didnt come. Sucks. Though I manage to draw domos! lol. Those things are superfreakin adorable larh. ^^


Giving onto the poor.

I was in the car just now. Around 9 something and was on the way back when I saw this frail old man. Pushing his bicycle with cardboard boxes piled neatly on it. I could tell that the bike was really old for it was rusty, withered and worn probably from years of disrepair.

The heaps of cardboard boxes on top of the bicycle was practically twice the height of this frail old man. He was probably in his 70s judging from his crooked body. His whole body frame looked as if he has been through hardship. Just like how our forefathers did.

We just passed him, when my Dad just thought "Hey, I'm gonna make a U-turn. To give him RM50."

Somehow. I felt, happy.

We made a U-turn and stopped in front of him. I walked out of the car. Filled with enthusiasm but with a hint of fear. Armed with an RM50 note in my hand I paced myself towards him.
He glanced at me, with a newly lit cigarette in his mouth not knowing what is going on.

He was probably thinking I was going to mug him as I sensed the fear in him. As I made my way across I mumbled "Ah Pak, Siew siew loi bei lei sik lah." Meaning "Uncle, Heres some money for you to eat with."

It was such a beautiful sight to behold. The look on his eyes that bestowed mine was something that mere words cannot describe. Somehow I knew. I did something good for the sake of someone else. Someone I never knew. Someone I had no idea of. And someone who I might not ever see again.

I didn't even have to know whether he knew how much I'd have given him. Just knowing the fact that it might help him put food on his table, even just for a few days, makes me happy.
Its a really touching experience.. When you think about it.

A simple act of kindness can change a person. At that moment. I thought "Wow, Some people have it so bad. While here I am. Complaining about not having this and that"

Its true. Just a while back I posted something about the hardships of the kids in India. This is no different. Someone his age should be resting and enjoying his golden years. After years of working hard. He should deserve it.

I don't know. Nor will I ever find out why he's still enduring such a lifestyle. But somehow I know. Deep in my heart that I've done a simple deed of kindness that will benefit him.

And I'm eternally grateful for the blessings that God has given me. I'm born very lucky and very bless and I thank Him for that. :)

I hope this paints a description on how the simplest act of kindness can go a long way.

Hope you enjoyed it. :)


MTV World Stage!

First and foremost. MTV World Stage was awesome!

Thank you Amanda, Nahrend and Fabi for inviting me.
I didnt wanna go actually but I thank Fabs for persuading me =D

Well. I got the tickets in the mail. Was Gold tickets. And I didnt know that it was like the VIP tickets. I was like. Super bummed that night that it was so far away behind. Hahaha. Little did I know that it was like that Golden Ticket from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.

Like I totally didnt know until we saw these bunch of people lining up for the Mosh Pitt. We asked some guy in a suit where the line for the Gold Tickets were at.

The guy was like.

"Gold Ticket?? Right this way sir. There is no queue. You guys are the VIPs. We should lay a red carpet for you. Right there."

I was like..


I had no idea weih. Apparently. Even the Mosh Pitt people had to queue. I felt so special. LOL.

You know whats like supafreakin scary? It was when Fabs and I were walking to the Gold area, we had to pass this like walkway that seperates the Red Zone and the Mosh Pitt. I TELL YOU. It was scary lar. Everyone was like. Giving us the stare. O_O

Anyway. The performances were freaking awesome!

Estranged was cool even though they kinda follow erm. Limp Bizkit? I dont know. Something that Kyren was telling me.

The whole thing was pretty cool. It kinda rained at first. So they gave us those giant MTV plastic bags. So yeah. From where I was, It looked like some kinda plastic bag awareness ad.

Moving on.

Some guy came to us and told us we could go to the Mosh Pitt. Thank God weih! The people at the Gold area was like so lifeless. :(

Well. As this is an MTV event you'll expect the VJs to be here. Funny, how one of the guys from Fly. FM looked exactly like Barath. Like, the first thing I thought when he started talking I was like


Yeah. See the resemblance?

Anyway, the giglist was awesome!


Boys like Girls



Pixie Lott

All American Rejects

and Kasabian.

There was one part where it was kinda raining and Boys Like Girls was like.

"Do you hear a storm brewing? A little, Thunder, Maybe?"

Omygod. That was just so cool.

The All American rejects were cool too! They started It Ends Tonight with some piano intro then that distinctive piano intro.

Uber cool.

The who thing was was choreographed really well.

Oh! We even met Kenny Sia =D

Oh btw. I would like to take this opportunity to promote St.Johns Ambulance Malaysia.

If YOU are like this guy...Some kid that didnt look like he knew was doing. Be a SJAM member! You'll be able to come for concerts like these!

Alright to the conclusion was this was one of the best concerts of the year, so far!
We even met up with Elaine and Nic and the rest. Was a really awesome experience.

The vids I shall upload once I find out how to rotate em.

Till next time!


MTV World Stage and Melawati Live

MTV World Stage and Melawati Live.

Freaking awesome weekend.

Will post once I get the mood. :)


Like the pics? :P

100th Posts old.

A shoutout to all my readers!

Justin's blog is now 100 posts old. :)

I don't really know what to write. Hey hey! To everyone who didnt know. Theres gonna be a charity thing this Sunday from 12pm to 4pm.

They will be showcasing some of Melawati High's local talents.

Some of the people performing are

Pia Zahari
-Shes really talented and a great song writer!-

Paul and Deepan
-Paul is one of the best musicians I have ever seen in my life. Deepan is also a very talented alto singer!-

Nahrend and Ryan
- Comedians. nuff' said.-

The Alternate Zebras
-Thats us!-

And many, many more. =D

So please guys. If you guys had free time. It'll be great if you guys could come it'll be great.

The Melawati Live ! is a charity event featuring our school, SMK Taman Melawati's very own talent, to raise fund for the underprivileged kids in Taman Melawati.

All profits raised will be donated to charity, so hey, it's for a good cause !

To purchase the tickets, please contact

Ilaina @ 0122177805
Emma @ 0162231226
RM15 per ticket


Please come! =D

Sungha Jung.

Was talking to our sivik teacher. Mr. Musawir. He's super cool I tell you. He's like super patient and nice to talk to. Likes the guitar too! =D

So yeah. He asked whether I liked youtube. Since he probably knew I liked the guitar since I was playing it just now he asked me to check out this kid Sungha Jung.

When I watched he's vid. I went. Wow.

Heres why. :)


Prefect's Party 09'

Prefect's party 2009 was pretty fun!

Well. Heres my report. :)

I was the emcee yo! with Karin!. I apologize for being a mic whore.

It was, erm, pretty fun. Being the MC was great!

Some of the performances were good, some were superb, Some were downright terrible.

But honestly, I really hope those kids are alright. I mean. I was like them once.

As bad as they sound. I'm gonna restrain from judging them. We were all like them once right.

Just I cant stand people who talk big yet fall flat on their claim.

Seriously. People like those suck.

People who are cocky are probably even worst. They think that everyone else is below them. Tsk. No matter how good you are. If your not modest. Then your not that good.

But when your modest. But play super good. I respect you. Really.

Such as Paul. I tell you. I respect this dude man. He's like. The best musician I have ever seen.

Paul. If your reading this. I just wanted to let u know.

You have a God Given talent. :) Use it wisely.

:) Well. Enjoy some of the pics for now. I havent really uploaded pics from my camera yet.

The Alternate Zebras (Not in pic - Paul Khoo)

This pic looks like Michael Jackson man. :D

I'm a poser. LOL