Animal mutilation and Band practice! :D

I apologize for my absence. But its been a tiring week. So heres what happen!

Biology Lab. The place where countless inhumane tortures and murders occurred. The feeling of death is never far. It can be felt. Stains. Can be cleaned but no one will forget the gruesome killings of.

The students..of Form 4.



Hahah. It was fun really. Even though I had like no clue what the whole purpose of murd.. I mean dissecting of frogs and mice and fishes were for. Respiration? Hell, I dont know. But it was senseless fun.

I'm not heartless. I do care for animals. Or rather living things.

Aren't they cute? But to be really honest. We killed it in the name of science. These little guys were gonna have their little green legs cut off and placed in claypots.

That's the sad truth.

Anyway. My group of doctors. Were a bunch of professional, committed jakuns. Myself included. Its waaaaaay funny lar. Julian and I screaming. Barath pouring the cholorofoam ON the frog. And the rest. Mutilating the animals.

Above is Denise (yeah, she looks good here.) , Nahrend and Lynn!

It was so funny lar weih. I watched the videos. Its like a comedy. Will upload them on youtube when I'm less busy.

Sigh.. I was just thinking about the frog. The thing woke up after we pinned it down. It was struggling. It was scary. Yet, really depressing to look at.

What was even worst was when it came to getting the mice. Oh God. The mice I took was so scared it started shitting and peeing. Then it just lied down. Glacing at me one last time. Then it just closed its eyes.

I felt super bad. It looked so cute!

But then. We had to do it. So we murdered the little thing. And I started going hysterical and played with its organs.

DID U KNOW, That the mice was actually shitting. There was shit all the way from its rectum to the anus. It was like. Bolus. or smth. So cute. But disgusting. It was all hard.

And its intestines was so long!

LOL. Thats the stomach I think?

So my conclusion?

Bio is heartless, mindless fun. :)


Day 2.

Attempted band practice. FAIL.

But we did manage to pic our songs.

Time is Running Out - Muse


21 Guns - Green Day.

Oh God. I'm like so freaking nervous. Phobia sial.

Arjun - Lead Guitar
Julian - Backup Vocals/ Rhythm Guitar
Paul - Keyboar/Drums/ Any type of musical instrument
Arthur - Keyboard

And last but not least!

Justin - Lead Vocals.

Somehow. I have a feeling I'm gonna F*** this up. :(

Well. After the band practice, which did I mention was super fun, went to McD.

Super fun okays. We talked and crapped alot.

Then we saw these 3 working guys staring at their co-worker's butt. ROFL.
And Julian. He took 7 stacks of chili sause. HAHA

And fabs. Kept eating ice. :P

HAHAH We pranked daniel! Fabi you rock weih! :P

I realize I'm going to miss this when I grow up. :(