My weekends were awesome :D

My weekends were awesome, How was yours?

I went to Sunway Pyramid and ice skated for the first time in my life! omg! It was super fun! Even though I fell down like 6,7 times.

But it was worth it.

I went out for it was the last outing before Amelia had to go to the States. For 4 years. :(

Well. It was really fun. Sorry I couldnt really help you skate! I wasnt that good myself. Hahah.

Anyway, for the record, NexGen has the most awesomest bunch of weirdos ever. Period.

Seriously! They're just great to be with. From Stevie's jiggly dance to Victor's OMGWTF face. Hahaha.

Moving on. See see. We wanted to get Amelia a present right. So we were like masterminding a plan. It was so funny. Seeing a group of guys talking together in a toilet.

This was the plan. Victor was to pretend to have stomach ache in the toilet. "Bomb" as you call it. While the others were to go for the movie. But Yi En and Kairi was supposed to wait for him.

But u know, things never go as plan right.

On the way there. Stevie and Ben hatched up a plan to get amelia one more away gift. :P
Which I shall not state here. HAHAH.

So, because of the delays. Victor kept calling me. I couldnt help but laugh.

Victor: Can I come out of the toilet now?
Justin: Yeah, yeah. Sure.. just awhile more. Shit, Melia's coming! Talk to you later!
Victor: Ye..

*Line Cuts*

Lol. So yeah. Plans never go accordingly. Like, Ever.

Yi En had no ticket. Ben was waiting for Victor. But Victor wanted to watch the movie so Ben and Yi En had their happy time. :P

They went to get Amelia's present. Which were really nice earrings.

Okay. Last fast forward to the LRT when she opened her 2nd gift. :P

Well, Lets just say she was LOL'ing.

NexGen guys are super horny. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. :P

Well. I had a great time that day.

Kinda depressing that a mentor, and a friend is leaving. Sigh.

But I guess its alrite.

We wont forget you babes! :D

Well.. See you when I see you.


P.S I dont have any pictures yet. When I do. It'll probably be on facebook. =D