Happy Independence Day!

Merdeka peeps! :)

I'm supafreakin tired now. Just got back from my one day trip from Melaka. Was pretty fun acting like a tourist. Hahah. Its funny when you can get everyone to pose. :)

Before that. I really really don't get Malaysian drivers. I mean. I get it that you have the need for speed( or to shorten your lifespan/ commit suicide/ are a retard) but come on. Leave that for the video games. Or at least, dont crash.

Don't get me wrong, I honestly couldn't care less about your driving but for goodness sake when you crash or hit someone. Oh my God.

The usual will occur.

Guy/Girl who gets hit gets outta car

Guy/Girl who hits get outta car

Fingers and whole string of expletives fly out

Call tow truck/insurance

Half of Malaysia slows down to watch as event take place.

Malaysian drivers take number for 4D

Causes massive traffic jam that delays my journey.

See. Don't crash. On the way to Melaka there were 4 accidents okay.

Anyway, Melaka was fun. I mean, its the 3rd time I'm here. And well, Its surprising how developments change the things. The first time I went to A'Famosa there was water all the way till the fort. Second time I went. There was concrete.

Now this time I went there was a shopping complex. -__-

Well. I went sightseeing around the usual places of interest. Jonker Street was just like Petalling Street back home. Except for the awesome chicken rice.

I'm so sick of chicken rice now. :(

The whole trip was really fun I guess. What a way to end the holidays. :)
Well at least tmrw's a holiday! Have fun guys!