Giving onto the poor.

I was in the car just now. Around 9 something and was on the way back when I saw this frail old man. Pushing his bicycle with cardboard boxes piled neatly on it. I could tell that the bike was really old for it was rusty, withered and worn probably from years of disrepair.

The heaps of cardboard boxes on top of the bicycle was practically twice the height of this frail old man. He was probably in his 70s judging from his crooked body. His whole body frame looked as if he has been through hardship. Just like how our forefathers did.

We just passed him, when my Dad just thought "Hey, I'm gonna make a U-turn. To give him RM50."

Somehow. I felt, happy.

We made a U-turn and stopped in front of him. I walked out of the car. Filled with enthusiasm but with a hint of fear. Armed with an RM50 note in my hand I paced myself towards him.
He glanced at me, with a newly lit cigarette in his mouth not knowing what is going on.

He was probably thinking I was going to mug him as I sensed the fear in him. As I made my way across I mumbled "Ah Pak, Siew siew loi bei lei sik lah." Meaning "Uncle, Heres some money for you to eat with."

It was such a beautiful sight to behold. The look on his eyes that bestowed mine was something that mere words cannot describe. Somehow I knew. I did something good for the sake of someone else. Someone I never knew. Someone I had no idea of. And someone who I might not ever see again.

I didn't even have to know whether he knew how much I'd have given him. Just knowing the fact that it might help him put food on his table, even just for a few days, makes me happy.
Its a really touching experience.. When you think about it.

A simple act of kindness can change a person. At that moment. I thought "Wow, Some people have it so bad. While here I am. Complaining about not having this and that"

Its true. Just a while back I posted something about the hardships of the kids in India. This is no different. Someone his age should be resting and enjoying his golden years. After years of working hard. He should deserve it.

I don't know. Nor will I ever find out why he's still enduring such a lifestyle. But somehow I know. Deep in my heart that I've done a simple deed of kindness that will benefit him.

And I'm eternally grateful for the blessings that God has given me. I'm born very lucky and very bless and I thank Him for that. :)

I hope this paints a description on how the simplest act of kindness can go a long way.

Hope you enjoyed it. :)