MTV World Stage!

First and foremost. MTV World Stage was awesome!

Thank you Amanda, Nahrend and Fabi for inviting me.
I didnt wanna go actually but I thank Fabs for persuading me =D

Well. I got the tickets in the mail. Was Gold tickets. And I didnt know that it was like the VIP tickets. I was like. Super bummed that night that it was so far away behind. Hahaha. Little did I know that it was like that Golden Ticket from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.

Like I totally didnt know until we saw these bunch of people lining up for the Mosh Pitt. We asked some guy in a suit where the line for the Gold Tickets were at.

The guy was like.

"Gold Ticket?? Right this way sir. There is no queue. You guys are the VIPs. We should lay a red carpet for you. Right there."

I was like..


I had no idea weih. Apparently. Even the Mosh Pitt people had to queue. I felt so special. LOL.

You know whats like supafreakin scary? It was when Fabs and I were walking to the Gold area, we had to pass this like walkway that seperates the Red Zone and the Mosh Pitt. I TELL YOU. It was scary lar. Everyone was like. Giving us the stare. O_O

Anyway. The performances were freaking awesome!

Estranged was cool even though they kinda follow erm. Limp Bizkit? I dont know. Something that Kyren was telling me.

The whole thing was pretty cool. It kinda rained at first. So they gave us those giant MTV plastic bags. So yeah. From where I was, It looked like some kinda plastic bag awareness ad.

Moving on.

Some guy came to us and told us we could go to the Mosh Pitt. Thank God weih! The people at the Gold area was like so lifeless. :(

Well. As this is an MTV event you'll expect the VJs to be here. Funny, how one of the guys from Fly. FM looked exactly like Barath. Like, the first thing I thought when he started talking I was like


Yeah. See the resemblance?

Anyway, the giglist was awesome!


Boys like Girls



Pixie Lott

All American Rejects

and Kasabian.

There was one part where it was kinda raining and Boys Like Girls was like.

"Do you hear a storm brewing? A little, Thunder, Maybe?"

Omygod. That was just so cool.

The All American rejects were cool too! They started It Ends Tonight with some piano intro then that distinctive piano intro.

Uber cool.

The who thing was was choreographed really well.

Oh! We even met Kenny Sia =D

Oh btw. I would like to take this opportunity to promote St.Johns Ambulance Malaysia.

If YOU are like this guy...Some kid that didnt look like he knew was doing. Be a SJAM member! You'll be able to come for concerts like these!

Alright to the conclusion was this was one of the best concerts of the year, so far!
We even met up with Elaine and Nic and the rest. Was a really awesome experience.

The vids I shall upload once I find out how to rotate em.

Till next time!