AIESEC Global Village 09'

I got a facebook invite from Sabrina last week for an event called the AIESEC Global Village. See, I had no idea what that was but I went anyway. Looked fun!


I didnt know that AIESEC was a university student group. O_O. shitss.

Felt so outta place man. Hahha. But it was fun nonetheless. It was a great experience. The culture was really diverse and different compared to Malaysia. Learnt some new things about the different countries too.

But the highlight of the day was none other than..

The Food!

Seriously! There was so many different types of food! Mostly snacks and cookies and stuff. THE SWEETS WERE AWESOME. I have never seen that much variety of sweets before. Felt like I was in Willy Wonka's factory. More or less.

There was THIS stuff that looked like fertilizer. But its actually dried sunflower seeds. Which were kinda awesome!

Some Thai kickboxer. :)

Anyway, Sabrina kept bumping into everyone. She doesnt wanna admit it but I knw she was distracted! I dont blame her though. AIESEC was filled with beautiful people! Really! Even though I cant really tell them apart.

See what I mean about beautiful people?

Ahahah. There were lots more. But didnt take enough pictures. Yes, be jealous. XD.

Oh and there was this Mexican guy that Sabs really adored. LOL.

And vikings. Rawr.