Melawati Live.

This post is long overdue but what the heck. Here goes.

First, I would like to thank the person who organized this event with the intent of raising money for the less fortunate.

It all started with an idea. A thought of kindness towards others. That was how Melawati Live was born. After much planning and time sacrificed for it, the event turned out awesome. Melawati Live ended up earning more than RM1k for SPCA and the Charity for Underprivileged Kids in Melawati.

So heres what happened. On the 16th of August. Melawati went LIVE.

The performances we're pretty good. From Ainsley and Dania's Acostics to Nahrend and Ryan's stand up comedy to us! The Alternate Zebras!

It was nice seeing everyone there. Was a very warm atmosphere. Mostly people from form 4. It was really sweet seeing all the couples there too. I even got kinda envious when Julian said he wanted to dedicate a song for Tina.

I was thinking. When's it my turn. Hahah. Some day, I thought.

We played Time Is Running Out and I forgot the lyrics AGAIN. Ronan's When You Say Nothing at All which was my favorite. We sang Hound Dog with Daniel. Which was a fail. And Julian dedicated When You Look Me In The Eyes for Tina. Uber sweetness. :D

It was fun playing pool too. It was ages since I played it. Didnt suck that badly though. The guys at the bar was just being uncivilized. I mean. We're trying to do a freakin performance would you just shut the hell up? I mean. wth.

But it all turned out really great. I was great seeing Sufian after him being in Pakistan for soooooo long. He even won a hamper from the lucky draw. Pakistan bastard. As if him having 3 wives wasnt enough already.

Speaking of that, we were really surprise when we got the cert for performing. But wait! That wasn't all. Apparently. We also won Best Performance! Which was a surprise. We ended up running and jumping to get the 3ft tall hamper. LOL-moment.

Overall. It was a really great event. Kudos to the organizers for a job well done! :)