Prefect's Party 09'

Prefect's party 2009 was pretty fun!

Well. Heres my report. :)

I was the emcee yo! with Karin!. I apologize for being a mic whore.

It was, erm, pretty fun. Being the MC was great!

Some of the performances were good, some were superb, Some were downright terrible.

But honestly, I really hope those kids are alright. I mean. I was like them once.

As bad as they sound. I'm gonna restrain from judging them. We were all like them once right.

Just I cant stand people who talk big yet fall flat on their claim.

Seriously. People like those suck.

People who are cocky are probably even worst. They think that everyone else is below them. Tsk. No matter how good you are. If your not modest. Then your not that good.

But when your modest. But play super good. I respect you. Really.

Such as Paul. I tell you. I respect this dude man. He's like. The best musician I have ever seen.

Paul. If your reading this. I just wanted to let u know.

You have a God Given talent. :) Use it wisely.

:) Well. Enjoy some of the pics for now. I havent really uploaded pics from my camera yet.

The Alternate Zebras (Not in pic - Paul Khoo)

This pic looks like Michael Jackson man. :D

I'm a poser. LOL