Another emo blogpost.

Gosh. You dont know how much I miss you guys. Even though we do see each other from time to time. I miss the living daylights outta you guys. When was the last time we just sat down and talked? The times we talked about everything under the sun?

I come to realize that we weren't like how we were when we were kids. Those times, the friendships that we had are nothing like today. We acted like real friends. Not just a bunch of hypocrites who said one thing but acted another..

I miss those times where we went anywhere and all we had was laughter and fun. Nowadays is you have your gang and I have mine. I admit people change. But maybe a simple

"Hey, how are you? I haven't talked to you in ages. You doing alrite?"

or a..

"Dude, how've you been? You wanna talk about.."

I dont know. Maybe its just me. But nowadays everyone is just so busy with their lives they couldn't really care about others. Maybe I just miss being with people who cared for each other. You know how much it sucks when you see 2 of your best friends not talk to each other?

I mean. Why can't they just swallow their ego and make up. Think of the times you guys had before you guys are like this? Its depressing. You guys played futsal every week for goodness sake. (You know who I'm talking about.)

I think I'm just depressed now. I wanna let it out. As much as I hate whining and complaining. I still feel like writing this I dont know why.

Its like what Arthur said.

"When your having a moodswing, you start to think of all the problems you have with life. These are the times where you really wish you had a girlfriend."

Couldn't agree more. Though it was the truth in those words that made me even more depressed.

I've come to realize that some of my actions can lead to disastrous consequences. How the certain things I do makes people look at me in a different way. But sometimes what I think I'm doing is perfectly fine to others it might be misconceived into something else.

Nice. I guess being nice has its limits. But apparently I'm too nice sometimes. And people like. "Oh, He's like that to everyone. He doesnt like you." Probably. But what if I did? What if I think that you need somebody to be there for you. I admit its my fault.

Well, Guess I'm not gonna do that anymore. Since people think I'm like that.

And I'm sorry for those who might think I'm fucking you over. Thinking that I'm giving you false hope and being such an asshole. Cause I'm not. Truth is. I do care. I DO give a shit. Maybe you fail to realize that. And its still my fault.



I forgot to mention how sick and tired I am of trying to invite people who has problems with each other. I hate it that knowing that were all friends but I cant have person A mix with person B or person B with person C. I hate that. :((((((((

Oh. PS. Please dont take this post seriously. Cause I probably dont mean everything I say. I'm just super depressed.