The Proposal outing! =D

St. Johns had some duty thingy at a clinic in Jelatik.

I assumed it was something big. But then when we reached. I just LOL'ed at what our "duty" was.

Here it comes.

We had to do the. The. THE.

Chicken Dance.

da da da da da da dum.


It was helluva funny. And well, we sat at some diabetes seminar which CLEARLY was not meant for us.

Oh, And a free dental checkup! I have nice teeth apparently. :P

We then proceeded to KLCC with friends for The Proposal!
I dressed up like a gamer according to Jon. Hahha I looked like a small kid! Furthermore I'm like shorter than them. Hahah

I initially didn't wanna watch the movie. But it was great! Really. Ramone. LOL.

Before that we had lunch at chili's. Holy shit there goes my cash. We had so much food omg!

Julian was being a retard talking about dickcheese and STDs and the discharge and all. ALL WHILE WE WERE EATING.

Omg dude.

And then we laughed when he said

"Shit, theres meat and cheese in here. I will never taste it them same again. EVER."

Oh and then another funny thing happened.

Julian to Waiter: Hey, do you guys sell those mince meat things here?
Justin: Chilli
Julian: Yeah! Chilli! Do you have that thing here?

Well, the above situation would be totally fine, if we were at any other restaurant thats FAMOUS
for their chilli. Yeah. We were Chillis. _ _

Hahah I raped my burger. All the sauces went arnd my mouth. Hahah

Hahah. And then fabi put lip balm on us! T_T tasted good though. Hahah.

Camwhoring ensured.

Food arrive. And God was it huge. We were slightly reluctant to finish it all but we were touched by what Julian said.

Julian said:

There was this man. Who rode his bicycle out from his village, to the town. There he went to the numerous restaurants and dig the trash for leftovers. Food. Anything he could find. He placed it in 2 plastics bags. One for the village people. One for his family.

He rode back to the village. And all the children of the village came running to collect their share. The happiness in their eyes. The thankfulness. The then went home, this man. He took the leftovers from his plastic bag, while his wife placed the plates on the table.

He's children. You should have seen their faces. Filled with such enthusiam and joy. Was such a sight to behold. Then when he placed the leftovers on the table. The chicken, pasta, and such he's children tried to take a piece.

The man hit his child's hand. And he said.

"Say your grace first, son. "

There was a pindrop silence after that. I myself was so overwhelmed with emotion I kept quiet. Then started to preach. Again. Hahah.

Anyway, after 4 refills of ice lemon tea. We went for the movie. And we got a damn chun pic of Brandon! in the loo. :P

Hahah we went shopping later. Julian wanted to get boxers.

Those mannequins are so fake. I mean. Who has genitals the size of my fist. I mean. Holy shit.

Oh and Julian found a g-string. FOR GUYS. LOL.

The lady scolded us hahaha!

Well then the guys had to go home. I hanged out abit with Lynn and Fabs then went home later.

Oh then the neighbours were supposed to watch a movie with us. Apparently, Sean and Daniel had to go out. And my brothers didnt wanna watch the movie.

So it was just me and Sabrina watching Unborn.

Many many LOL moments. Even when we were walking home. Stupid cat omg.

Fun day. And then. Well. Today is Sunday. I'll blog abt today some other time. :D


P.S Reminder to fellow moral students. Tommorow is our moral thing. Bring guitars.