There is something wrong from the inside!

...or maybe I'm gay?


I think right now my body is like going through this mental, emotional state where my hormones are kinda like. Gone wacko. Like puberty or something. NO I AM NOT HAVING PERIODS.

Its just like. I don't know. I very indecisive about my decisions and I honestly think I have yet to make any strong, rational decisions that could shape the outcome of my future. In Layman's terms, Well, Justin Choy isn't THAT matured yet.

I guess its all part of growing up larh. I mean. One moment I can say something, the other I could totally contradict what I said. Which is bad. And I'm easily influenced. Which is also bad.

I guess I'm still trying to find that inner, more matured sense of Me! Justinism if u will. LOL

And for the rumors of being taken. No. Not taken! Seriously la! I mean. Not yet. In the future la maybe? Right now? Too indecisive to make any commitments. Not cause I don't want. But I'm not ready? I don't know. Confused! @@

Anyway. I have some awesome pictures soon. (Thanks to Joanne Foong and Mei Ji! ♥)

In the mean time, I saw a picture of me back in 2008. SO BANGGA!

Stay Tune!