Merry Christmas!

I finally have my internet here. Well. Sorry its late though. Been busy moving in. And Christmas.

Thanks to everyone who wished me. Means alot. Thanks to the peeps who gave me presents yesterday at service. Thanks a bunch.

Well. I might not have gotten anything for you guys but I hope that being here as your friend will compensate for it. =D

Oh and I spilled curry all over my Christmas present yday. lol. Oh, well.

Merry Christmas! And Happy Holidays!

..To the PMR candidates. While it lasts..



christine tanie:) said...

HEYYY! merry christmas 2 u 2 =)
anyway, linked u =)

-angeL- said...

zomg. u blog? O.o

Justin McMuffin said...

Hahah. Its the season to be jolly. While it lasts. hahah. yeah I do.