Time is running out.

Time is running out.

Just that I realize that it is. Just as I start enjoying my 16 year old life. Its coming to an end soon.

I look at my brother. And Anis, my neighbour, who are 10 and 8 respectively. They look so cute. They're both gonna grow up to be so hot.

This whole scenario is like Taylor's Mary's Song.

If they grow up as best friends, then eventually fall for each other. It'll be so awesome. ♥

Its like, super romantic if that happened.

I wish I had a childhood sweetheart too. Living next to me.

Then I thought. Why not start?

But reality struck and I realized. "Hey, a few more years I'll be old."

Like. Shit man. I dont wanna grow anymore. :(



Juney-ling said...

So you're saying 20 yrs is old la?!!!