Guitar, Guitar and more Guitar.

School has become our sanctuary where we yield our guitars in all its glory.


Sometimes. I think my school is awesome. Cause like when we bring our guitars. Teachers don't really mind.

One teacher was even nice enough to comment on how nice mine was. Others was requesting songs from me and my friends. Yeah. Joshy, Arjun, Julian, Paul and over beloved manager cum photographer cum
occasional gay friend, Jonat Chua.

We rule.

Even though the only songs I can play is probably Hosanna and When You Say Nothing at All. I enjoy randomly strumming and teaching the stuff I know.

Like the anatomy of a guitar. :P

I would rather talk about the anatomy of something else but.. I'll save that for another day.

So here's what kinda pissed me off today. Well. We were supposed to have some rehearsal for a party in school. The organizers wanted to see us.

Well, my friends and I lugged around more than 60kg of hardware around the school. Yeah, That includes 3 amps, 2 Electrics, 1 Bass, 1 Acoustic and our school bags.

Like. Dude, thats screwed man.

well. We did it anyway. It was supposed to be at 2.30

I skipped my damn lunch for this crap okay. And guess what?


"Sorry, You cant use it. The teacher in charge is not here. Headmistress did not give the permission."

Strings and rows of expletives exploded and very colorful vocabulary was spurted out.

Like. Gosh, was I pissed.

Well. Paul had to lug his drum kit back to his place. BY FOOT.

Arjun went home out of utter disappointment.

The rest of us who were still there went to Lai's place.

After a few hours of intense basketball training and fast forwarding a few more hours.

Here I am. Sitting here. Picking the right time to ask my mum for permission to go for Bon Odori.

Well. I'm just gonna list what I want to accomplish.

- Learn to do a Rubiks
- Do my Photography assignment
- Learn a new composition for the guitar
- Dance with a group of people. Cause I really miss dancing.
- Write a story about a guy and a girl
- Practice for upcoming gigs
- Change my blog layout
- Do something crazy with friends.
- Go for paintball
- Pass my Add Maths.
- Serve! :)
- Prove that I'm not just a book of empty pages.
- Somebody to actually care that I'm doing this.