My Fucktabulous First Day.

Fuck you SMK Taman Melawati.

Whose fucking idea was it to "systematically balance out races"

Yours. You prick.

I got my class. Hell yeah. WHERE THE F IS MY FRIENDS.

So we have Paul and Din in S. We have Arjun and Barath in E. Jon and Julian is with me in K. And where the F is the rest. L?? WTF.

Dude. We all fucking got 7As and 6As. wtf cant u put us together damnit.

Why cant u freakin have enough chairs and tables anyway. DIDNT U SAY U WOULD BUY NEW ONES?


Freakin depressed. I'm in such a screwed mood I have a fever.

Oh well. 1 day down. another 359 days of realizing the fact that I'm gonna be stuck here.