I am Tired..

Today was a really fun day I think? I was really REALLY amazed by this one kid.

Well we had the Choir auditions in the afternoon right? So I was just observing. People came and went. Some were good. Some weren't really good. And every was shy.

Funny. When you see them coming into the room and forget the song they wanted to sing. Like me. :P

Well, There was this one kid. Who didn't know what to sing at first and asked Julian what he suggests?

Julian said Fall For You.

So he went in. And he said he wanted to sing. No one expected what happened next.

I swear to God. It was the most beautiful voice I have heard from a guy so young. It was AMAZING!

It was so good, Melissa almost teared. Nicholas and the rest was in shock and awe. And was shh-ing everyone so that they could hear him sing.

He was louder than the piano and whole room echoed with his voice. It sounded really high.
He's vocal range could well reach the Altos and Sopranos.

We found out later that he had a vocal coach. And won a singing competition or something.

When he finished singing. Everyone cheered for him. It was good.

Really. REALLY Good. Made me smile really.

Wish I could sing like him though. =/ Oh, well.


Anyways. I had my kawat (or kawad?) today. Tiring. But fun.

Its my 2nd year for st. john. Seems awesome. I guess we did well for our 1st day.

The new guys I mean. Hope we dont get second again like last year.

I dont know who got third. :P