Prom babeh!

I know its kinda early to talk about this but I think that its been on every 5th Formers mind since the beginning of the year. Well, there's 3 things that we 17 year olds talk the most this year. Prom, Driving, and Life post form 5. I'M SO EXCITED ABOUT PROM!

Prom. I can't wait! Its on the 21st of December.

The guys and I are already taking about our epic plans on that night. How we would drive our dates to the hotel. Wearing our tuxedos. And a night in town after that. Its gonna be amazing. Its what every 17 year old dreams off.

But pre-Prom would mean finding dates. Renting tuxedos. Begging parents for their cars. Getting money for the tickets. Going to the hairstylist. I think the whole process sounds appealing!

Everyone's gonna be at their best dressed on that day! And guess what? Fabs and I are gonna be hosting the awards show! (Does this mean I don't get awards?) Its gonna be amazing!

Right about now, girls are hoping their guys would ask her to prom. Guys would be deciding who their gonna bring. Who I'm gonna bring? Hahah lets all just wait and see!

Its gonna be a bittersweet thing cause it would probably be one of the last times we see everyone (don't count results day). One last night of partying before we go our separate paths that live takes us. I hope everyone puts in effort on keeping touch. I really don't want the relationship we built all this years to just come crumbling down. :)