More presents!

Yes. I do realize this is a very late update. But better late than never!

Thanks to Amelia for that "I know u wanna be a princess for a day thing" and that awesome notebook! ^^

Thanks to Yi En for those chocolates that I really love. I still haven't eaten em. X sanggup. ;P

Thanks to Joanne for that cicak and those amazing cupcakes. 8 pieces! I'm sorry I didnt share. X sanggup too. :P

Thanks to Amelia's sister for that super kawaii letter AWW. ♥ xD

And loads of thanks to Everyone who signed my birthday card the other day and remembered my birthday. =)

This year's birthday really made me feel special. Thanks to all of you guys. =)

P.S Sorry I didnt have the pics of the cupcakes. Its all inside d. :P