Ouch. Media fast =D

I just slepted from 6pm to 10.07pm.

So much for reading my book. T_T

Sorry fabi! :) Overly comfy d.

Today was tiring. Went to the dentist. Had a chance of cavity infection. So they did a filling and asked me to do another checkup in a few months.

I nailed myself because the pain was somewhat unbearable. Bloody hell. >.<

Oh so on Sunday right. Was the day I went to church after like 2 weeks of not going. I was incredibly sad for not going. But I had my reasons. Its not because I go there of anyone. Its cause sometimes. When I get so caught up with life I tend to lose the feeling of His presence. And I dont like that.

Friday is Labor Day. I was like. I'm gonna go play Left 4 Dead with my friends just when I realized that I had to fast.

Media fast.

I mean. TV. Sure. I dont really watch TV.

Computer and Internet. I didnt have that for weeks on end and I still manage to survive.

Newspapers, Mags. Suuure I almost finished reading the mags this month anyways.

But my phone. Oh noes. My communication to the outside world. Maybe it wont be that bad lar. I lost my phone before and manage to survive.

But then I know this time. I'm doing it for a good cause. The amount of crap that we dont need is being hurled at us like darts.

Information that are..


Not to say everything is bad. Its just like how pastor described.

We need a Filter

Oh and I'm supposed. Not forced. to read Proverbs this week. In the span of 6 days. Not to bad. 31 Chapters only waaad.

Well. Reading is one thing. Understanding is another. I really hope that my brain can properly function in this time of need. Hahaha.

Oh. and one more thing.


I have yet to find out where that shop is but I'll get it one day. I hope. Or maybe a pendrive would do? For now, I'll just link you.

Clicky, clicky! ^^

Enjoy your 15 birthday! Your only gonna be 15 for the next 1 hour. So enjoy it while it last. I hope all this while I was being a nice guy. As gay as I was I hoped you enjoyed the company. Have fun camwhoring ya!

Technicolour! =D