I'm baaaack!

I'm back!~ After being away for sooooooo loooong I'm back!

I apologize. I burnt my modem. Lightning. Meh, Go figure.

Anyways! I just wanna talk about camp. It was so freaking awesome! ^^

St. Johns Melawati organized a camp to EL Sanctuary in Melaka. You know whats the best part? WE planned it. WE organized everything. Well mostly Fabi and Lai.

Kudos to them!

Anyways Lets start


Arrive school late after I went home to shower and get my stuff.

It was cool lar. seeing everyone in their St. Johns tshirt. heheh. And there were loads of stuff too. Oh! And guitars! =D

Then we split into 2 busses.

Bus 2 Rocks more than bus one! :P

I camwhored like shit. lol. Even jayshree was like. Stop taking pics of yourself lar!

I was like using the DSLR to take. damn funny.

I'm really lazy to upload the pics. I'll upload on facebook.

Judson and gang was busy playing cards. lol. on the bus

Besides the camwhoring session between fabi adeline and me, we sang too!

was funny. But really cool. Every song that Jayshree played for us we sang.

Even Tong Hua!

Wanna watch the vid? Its here

We reached there in the evening.

Had to carry the bags and luggages AND my guitar up the hill.

Our dorm was all the way up! OMG! Super tiring. But thanks to kyren for helping me. =D

I pity Joshy, seriously. Who had this to carry lol

This was the reaction of the guys when they saw it.

The dorm was cool! It had an attached toilet too! With authentic wood!

I got the top bed. Along side Nahrend and Arthur.

Oh oh. My roommates were Nahrend, Arthur, Dino, Jon, Jeffrey, Sharukh, How YY, Judson and Joshy!

You can never sleep with them. Bunch of hyper freaks. That cant seem to KEEP THE BLOODY TOILET DRY.



Anyways. yeah then we went to the hall and the split us into groups.

I was in Committee 1! Committee 2, You guys suck kays. :P We are WAY cooler than yall. :P

But the thing I like most about the hall is the verses from the Bible. I found a Moses Stick..

(A staff that reminded me of what Moses used. lol)

Yeah. And then we needed to do our group intro. Was super funny the things they came up with.

I liked scott's Toyol team. Ahahah. And ours was freakin funny! Our attempts of implementing kawad was a failure of epic proportions. But was so funny. The Singh is Kinng part. LOL!

and the most x boleh belah part was when lai put on that serious face and went..

Chapati. Go!


And then after the group intros and shouts. There was a performance for people who wanted to do something. I loved it. Was so cool. Check out the vids. ^^


Julian and Kenneth's dancing was beyond Godlike. And the band was great too! Hello Planet Earth!

Well, Fast forwarding.. *Bzzzzzp*

I think this was just arnd Midnight. We went jungle tracking. But before that. There was this really freaky briefing.

The pantang larang of being in the jungle.

-DO NOT spot,piss,shit, etc etc in the jungle. Or basically anything stupid.
-DO NOT shine the torchlight upwards. I still dont know why.
-DO NOT stop and stare if u think you saw something. Dont say anything
-DO NOT answer if someone calls your name ONCE. Cause thats what "they" do. Prakkash kena before. He say a toyol. Guess where?

In school. Omfg.

-DO NOT simply pluck or leave anything behind.
-DO NOT look behind if u feel that theres someone there. Unless your 100% sure.

But we went anyways. Liz gave me her flashlight to shine my feet. It was funny cause like. She kept saying I cant see! And when I shined at her legs. I loss balance. Hahah. We got to cross a river too. Wet my shoes. With pebbles and mud.

Overall a really fun experience. And the night sky was heavenly. So beautiful. I mean. You can never see that kinda sky in KL. The lights are to bright here.

Denise was like "I wanna get married under the stars."

Aww. How romantic. =D

Back at the dorm. I took up the guitar and started playing on the balcony. That was cool. We were all at the balcony. ^^. In our boxers. Hahah. No lar. Just almost all of us were. :P Cept for Jon. Goody boy :P

I really wanted to shower. Badly. But I'm good friend :P. Hahah.

We had to do our banner. I was dead tired already by then. Plus the fever and cough was taking a toll on me.

I wanted to stay up. But the guys insisted I slept. I did. And the guys finished the banner. Arthur even slepted at 5am doing that.

It was supposed to be "Yellowman Supremacy. + 2 Indians and a Singh"

Turned out.

"Chinamen Supremacy with 2 Indians and a Singh"

Was funny. Being racist and all. but that racist thing revolves arnd the St. Johns organization lar. Hahah.

Anyways. I'll finish up Day 2 and Day 3 tmrw. The medicine is kicking in. =)