St. Johns Camp Day 2!

I'm back! And feeling oily because of my BBQ dinner that my brothers and me cooked. =D


Before I start. I would just like to say.

Thank you to all my choir mates. You guys rock. And I'm also really really Sorry.

Its really disappointing to find out after so much work and effort. So much time spent. And the chance of actually winning. Crumbled by the very words we thought we would never hear.


For goodness sake. Cant you at least, for fuck sake, MINUS the marks instead of KICKING us out just like that.

Its not like we weren't good. We were freaking good.

I'm so fucking pissed. We did our best.

Its just that Z played the piano for us. Big whoop. Sorry lar. But come on. Dont be so heartless. =( We have feelings too.

Felix and I had to come back to school all the way from Sungai Buloh for Drama. Taxi dude charged us RM 35. What the hell weih. But we were desperate. So what the heck.

We did our drama like. I dont know. 4 hours later. Before that we were doing the rehearsals. I'm not acting. More like the Supervisor. Production Manager if you will.

I had Fabi! She was awesome lar. It was fun. Like drawing the fake mustaches.

Pity Daniel. Aka Rev D.

So we had like. 15 Schools. and like, we practiced for only like. 4 days. I mean. How pathetic is that? Well we did our hardwork and all. So we were finally up.

And guess what. We kena sabo. AGAIN. By the 15th team.

If you guys are reading this.


You know what? Karma bitches. KARMA.

But it doesnt matter. We did manage to do everything. Almost perfectly. Sound projection was not bad. Expressions were good. I liked it. Puan Azwani said we had a very slim chance. Oh.

There was this school Sri Garing. Who I was certain would win. They were really really good lar. Can see they been training. Their choir however wasnt very good. Unfortunately.

Well. Then after that long, tedious, speech by our oh so charming pengetua who I never knew could speak english. We had the 1st Runner up and Champion.

So my surprise. We won 2nd. Holy freaking shit. I didnt even expect. We went up. Took it. And I came back down and did that sarcastic face to Puan Azwani.

Wow. Aint it shiny. LOL.

She went. "Suuuure."

Ahahaha And for that team who did that fairytale shit. In your freakin faces. Karma bit you in the ass. Muahahah.

Well. In any case we didnt get to go for our tradition at KFC with the whole choir squad. Only like Lam, Ashley, Sam, Sue Li, Fabi, Michelle, Joelle, Ruth and Carissa.

Talked about loads of stuff. Had fun. I'm really tired.

I wanna continue about the Camp thing. But really really tired. Pictures. If any. Will be uploaded. =)

Nites guys