Theres some things.

Exams this week is by far the most dreadful experience ever.

For the first time. I realized. How royally F'ed I really am. This is unbearable.

I think I'm gonna FAIL everything. Yes, I know. Nows not the time to be pessimistic. BUT THATS THE TRUTH.

You know? I thought Judson's hair was a failure. I think I'm a failure of EPIC proportions.

The only things I think I can get As are English and English, Science and Technology.

Add. Maths tomorrow I'm screwed. Chemistry I'm screwed.

And you know what? NOBODY in school realized it was April Fool's day that day. How tensed we were.

SO MANY BLANKS. That I left. Omg. T_T

Oh. And I'm supposed to have pictures for Earth Hour. Lazy wanna upload.

Anyways. I'm gonna go study now. Whatever hope that I still have.