Love at first sight & Relationships.

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Today we'll be talking on the pressing issues of love at first sight.

Love at first sight, I must say, is a load of horse crap. I mean seriously. How are you gonna know you love that person when you haven't even know him/her well enough.

Our judgment is based merely on the "first door" as one may put it. The first door in this case is basically the looks. The physical attributes of an individual.

Only when the first door is unlocked, will the 2nd door be given a chance to be unlocked.

Its the sad truth that is unfortunately plaguing our mindset. Sad. But its better than lying and saying anyone would go for the most kind, gentle, sweet, caring person on the planet but has a face of a mutant. I mean. Whose to kid ryte? You cant lie and say the otherwise.

And I'm not saying that being the most beautiful/ handsome girl/guy is gonna land you a place in everyone's heart. Looks are deceiving. You may be the most extravagant human being on the planet but if you have a heart made of shit then people aren't gonna think your so extravagant anymore. Are they?
What I'm merely trying to point out is that you have to at least be above "average". That is what I mean about the "First Door".

See. If it were up to me I would choose personality over aesthetics because well, a person's physical appearance will change overtime. But a person's personality WILL NOT. And I bet everyone's heard the "I'll change I'll change" sentence right. But what do you really understand about that? Is it, changing into a better person? Or is it changing his/her personality all over?

A person may or may not change depending on what that particular thing is. If its like a bad habit, then maybe. But if its something like personality, something like how a person talks, or reacts to things, or how anxious or caring he/she is or stuff like that, Then its hard to change.

A person's personality is what makes him who he is. You can't make a person change that. For him/her to change that is making him/her lie to themselves. And indirectly lying to you to make you happy.

Can you see now what I mean of love at first sight? Its non-existent. Each and every one of us who fell in love before should know that you have to get to know a person before knowing that it would be a blissful relationship.

Ever wondered why many relationships don't turn out well? Its probably due to the fact that many couples don't really know the true personality of their significant other yet. And yet, unfortunately, many are consumed by lust and think that it was destined or love at first sight, as many put it.

But its also true. That you wouldn't really know a person until you start living with them. But no relationship is perfect. Nobody is perfect. Its about seeing the person you love perfectly. I remember those exact words of what a girl said to me. And its what I stand for today.

That's why its best not to believe what people say about love at first sight. It just hurts when they find out the truth and that it was a doomed relationship from the very beginning.

Every time we look at a person who we think is pretty awesome and think that we're in love is actually lust. Only when 2 individuals know each others personality well and when they have mutual feelings for each other is a beautiful relationship going to start.

But there are some people who are beautiful on the outside and the inside too. Rare. But there are some. But then again, whose to judge. A person in a relationship with you that works out for you might not work out for others. To define it is like defining art. You cant define art because there is no definition art. Its based purely on the perspective of an individual.

That's just my 2 cents on the topic. I hope you readers out there enjoyed the post. Please feel free to comment as this is an open ended discussion. Hope you guys liked it! :)