I am promoting myself. LOL.

Okay. Before anything. I would like to apologize in advance if this kinda makes unsatisfied with me or smth but I did this for fun. FOR FUN. :)

Justin,16, Single

Not your average 16 year old.
Some people STILL cant guess his age correctly.
A very fun guy to be with.
Makes people smile all the time with his antics.
A very shy and laid back person if you dont know him.
Can be really hyper, really open, and can crap with you about almost anything when we're close.
Somewhat oblivious at realizing things.
Believe that life is too short to be taken too seriously.
A Chronic Procrastinator.
Loves talking about relationships.
Very sarcastic at times.
Can be a total pain in the butt sometimes.
Uberly vain and self absorbed.
But confident at the same time.
Doesn't let what people think stop him from having a good time.
Somewhat rude.
Loves the rain.
Has a split personality.
People think he's metro.
Likes taking pictures alot with friends or anything.
Jack of All Trades but master at none.
Believes that True Love can only be obtained when two individuals surrender themselves fully their significant other.
Doesn't believe in holding grudges. For life is 2 short.
Has a secret desire to sing and play the guitar.
Has a soft sentimental side many don't realize.
Would do ANYTHING for fame. Dreams of being famous one day.
Likes attention.
Will get depressed when ignored.
Likes wearing the fedora.

Looking for

Someone beautiful, intelligent, caring, emotional, protective, demanding, and she'd know me better than I know yourself.
Look for someone with a big heart, a huge smile and beautiful eyes. Someone who comes up to you everytime you see them and gives you a giant hug. Someone who's eyes light up every time you see them, and someone who makes you smile when you see them in your mind.
That someone.
You can share anything with her, and you have your occasional fights but you love her anyways.

Again I remind thee. This is for the name of fun.