This is gonna be a happy post!

Boo! Ahahaha!

Well. Apparently my blog has been gettin waaaaaay to freakin emo lately. So gotta liven up the place. Erm. What should we talk about today? No Love. No Life. No Dr. Phil-ish crap. Just pure happiness. woots!

Well. These few days. I have been repeated "Tapped" (i.e Pushed.) into the pool. Like. So many times. I keep fallin in too! ITS YOUR FAULT! Ahahaha. And yeah. Ian is freaking adorable.

Though highly irritating at times. but yeah. Kids. pfft. :D

My brother is probably love struck now by the neighbor. xD Cause its kinda cute how he reacts around her. Hahah

I'm really losing words to describe things that has happened. Gah.

This holiday is gonna be a tiring one. Have like so many things to go for. My grandma wants me to spend time with her. I got mission trip things. Got loads of crazy things to do with my homeboys (and girls no duh), Parties to attend. Holy crap.

Don't even sure whether I can go for all of this. lol

Well. Happy holidays guys! I'm so F'ed for my exam! Oh well.

See you guys soon.