I am just fuming,

Sometimes. People do shit to us. We forgive them. We try to forget. But the damage is done. The scar had been made.

I've come this close to not caring or giving a damn. I just don't get why forgetting a person is so tough. Especially someone who hurt you badly. Until you can remember exactly the situation where it happened.

I remember. Those exact words said to me. Not even my parents said that to me. Nor even my friends. I remember. It was raining. I was standing. At 7.30pm in the rain. Talking to you. Don't you think I've forgotten.

You know. These things which might not seem like much. Actually hurt me a lot.

To come this close. To forgetting. Isn't an easy task. Just that.
When I lay my eyes upon you. And see how fucking hypocritical you are makes me so pissed off.

No seriously. You have no idea. I know. Its wrong to be vengeful and you should forgive you enemies.

But forgive Lord for I cannot control my inner urges to shoot this person.
Seeing you being all "Holy" makes me question. Do you really seek God? I don't know.

I apologize. Because I am clearly fuming. There's internal conflict all around right now. I'm on the verge of not caring anymore.

But look at the bright side. I got the best friends on the planet. That love me for who I am. I couldn't care less if you "DISLIKE" me.

I got to many other things to be happy about. Like the mission trip, PD with fabs, church, Exams.

So screw you if you don't like me.


Actually. I dont want you to die. I want you to suffer. And killing you would just be too fast. Die. Slowly.

Yes. I am morbid. Please forgive me.