Fridays. Gah. Fun though.

One of the pictures of my bday. :) Emooooo~

Today. Is Friday The 8th. Of May. woot?

Today was actually quite fun. We were talkin at the back as usual. Since Siviks teacher wasn't really doing anything and was boring us.

As usual. Jayshree and Lai and the others would come to our class to lepak. It was really funny when Nahrend and Julian started arguing abt shoes. Roffle!

Retards. But it was really comical. Retarded. But comical none the less.

And this is a staged picture of Julian.

Again. Retard.

After school Lyno, Fabs, Jud, Keith, Jays and I went to the old town kopitiam in Permata. Was kinda fun. Ahahaha. But lemme do a short review of the place.

YOUR FREAKING SERVICE SUCK. Yes. SUCK. ffs smile damn you. So hard meh? And wtf when we ask for chopsticks you just dump it on our table. You freaking douchebag.

And that waiter is such a bitch. Dah la treat us like crap and whats more when we ask for chopsticks you gave us FOUR pairs but only THREE spoons that accompany it!. You douche. ==.

Forgive me. But it was really really stupid.

Anyways, after that. Lynn ordered this ice cream on toast or smth and then the kaya one came first. She was like.

"It looked so DIFFERENT on the picture! What happened to the ice cream?"

We all started laughing. Cause apparently. THIS is the kaya one which is jayshree's

Which Lynn mistaken for this. AHAHAHA

Yesh. I know. We're a weird bunch. I still love you Lynn~ >.<

Anyways. After that Judson went to Tbun and Jays and Lynn went home. Fabs and Keith and I took a cab to my place. But the cab dude dropped Fabs and me first. Keith was gonna go home.

Julian came. He told me Arjun and Paul couldnt come for the band practice. GAH!

Oh well. We did our songs anyway. Fabs is a superb singer. She just keeps denying the fact. Sigh. If your bad. Then what am I. hahah.

We sang alot of songs. Was really fun. Be sure to check out our performance soon ^^.

Oh. Later that day. Dad came back from Bangkok. With gifts as usual!


Yeah. May not look like much. But its a bun shaped stress ball!
The Stress Bun! Hahah. Not only does it look 98% like an actual BUN, It smells like it too. AND I'M SERIOUS! Hahaha


An F50 shaped pendrive! So freaking cool weih. I'm being all jakun and hyper but its probably the sweets kicking in at 1am. Its cool ryte! :D

And then we went out for makan at this Korean restaurant at Korean Road. Near Ampang there. BBQ! Weee~

The amount of stuff Koreans serve you as before the meal is absurd. It never fails to amaze me. I still dislike kimchi though.

Dinner was good. The lady said that it was Mother's Day today in Korea. So Happy Mother's day Korean peoples! :D

And then we went to this Korean Mart shop. It was a Korean convenience store really. I remembered buying silkworms and eating em here. Freakin disgusting. But yeah. It was funny. Never gonna do that ever again. I couldn't find them again this time. But apparently somebody
was really interested in it. *cough*yi en*cough* :P

I saw this product that made me laugh really. ^^

Hahah so it was a fun day really. Hope you enjoyed reading! ^^