How time flies.

How time flies. Years come and go. You lose friends. You make new ones.
I remembered. How when I was younger, I always wanted to grow up. Rushing towards adulthood.


Now I just wanna be my age. You know. 16. Life is just in its infancy. I don't wanna rush it. Time. Its so cruel. Wish it would just stop. Just for awhile. So that one can appreciate the more simple things in life.

Because clearly. All that revolves around us these days are money, money and more money. Life isn't about that! But we're so constantly caught up with ourselves we don't actually wait and ponder. Why are we studying? We'll probably your thinking to make money.

Well yeah. Thats important. But still. Why cant everyone just chill for a sec? Look around. Enjoy it while you can. Who knows. You can strike the lottery and die the next day.

On your death bed. You could be the richest person. But when you look back at life's experiences you'll just regret that you we're to busy to enjoy it. Friends. Family.

Everyone comes and go. Love em while they're here. Its true what they say, You don't miss a person till they're gone. So true.

Angels are all around you. Watching your back. But you gotta appreciate em. :)

All I'm wishing for now is for time to just hit the brakes.