Somehow Bio wasnt as bad as I expected. :D

For the first time ever. I actually studied. Thanks to fabs for the constant naggin..er I mean. Advice! xD Couldn't have done it without you. :)

4 Hours! Woot! Of Bio! Hahaha. Actually paid off. Kinda? I think? Idk. I did my best. Will just hope.

Sorry for not updating. I have been er. Kinda busy with exams and all. :) But heres a recap.

Julian's birthday was on Wednesday. We planned a surprise one for him. It was EPIC. He had NO IDEA! Seriously! When we went to KFC. He got the shock of his life. Haha!

And I think this was mostly cause

a) Jon's face
b) Jon's face
c) Jon's face.

HAHAH. Me and Nahrend was so tensed not to tell him. Jon damn cool only. Like.. quoting Nahrend.

"Stylo Milo" =_=

Yes. We rock at surprise parties. I'm sorry my big yellow friend that we didnt do anything for u! We'll kidnap you next year! (Yes jon. I know your reading. :P)

Meh. I got nothing much to talk abt. I'll update sooooon. :D

Back to restaurant city! ITS SERIOUSLY SUCKING MY LIFE AWAY! D: